Transient expression and analysis of fluorescent reporter proteins in plant pollen tubes.


:The pollen tube is an excellent single-cell model system for studying cellular processes in plant cell biology. This protocol describes a detailed step-by-step procedure with optimized conditions for introducing various fluorescent reporter proteins into lily, tobacco and Arabidopsis pollen grains by means of biolistics for their transient expression and subsequent analysis in germinating pollen tubes. The whole experiment consists of four major stages: coating gold microcarriers with DNA constructs, preparation of pollen grains, transformation of plasmid DNA into pollen grains by particle delivery system and germination of bombarded pollen grains in optimized germination media to obtain pollen tubes for protein trafficking, protein localization, drug treatment and organelle dynamics analysis. This protocol takes about 4-12 h from pollen preparation to protein detection.


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Wang H,Jiang L




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    abstract::The world is on the cusp of a post-antibiotic era, but researchers and medical doctors have found a way forward-by looking back at how infections were treated before the advent of antibiotics, namely using phage therapy. Although bacteriophages (phages) continue to lack drug approval in Western medicine, an increasing...

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  • Selective chemoprecipitation to enrich nitropeptides from complex proteomes for mass-spectrometric analysis.

    abstract::Post-translational protein nitration has attracted interest owing to its involvement in cellular signaling, effects on protein function and potential as biomarker of nitroxidative stress. We describe a procedure for enriching nitropeptides for mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics that is a simple and reliable alter...

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