Occupational medicine practice: activities and skills of a national sample.


OBJECTIVE:To characterize activities and skills of occupational physicians using work diaries. METHODS:A total of 260 occupational physicians from a national sample provided task/skill descriptions at approximately 25 specific times. The average percentage of activity samples using a skill and the interquartile range expressed results. RESULTS:Clinical activities, particularly musculoskeletal, were most frequent, followed by industry and health system management. Traditional public health approaches were infrequent. Injured patients, employers, and healthy workers were the most common beneficiaries. Communication about prevention and work restrictions was frequent. Interphysician variability was high for most measures. CONCLUSIONS:Results demonstrated a dichotomy-many frequent activities/skills are associated with other specialties as well (eg, treating injury); others, albeit less frequently used, demarcate the uniqueness of occupational medicine (eg, preventive examinations, toxicology, benefiting employers or worker groups, assessing work ability, payment by employers).


J Occup Environ Med


Harber P,Rose S,Bontemps J,Saechao K,Liu Y,Elashoff D,Wu S




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  • Occupational Medicine Forum.

    abstract::The Occupational Medicine Forum is prepared by the ACOEM Occupational and Environmental Medical Practice Committee and does not necessarily represent an official ACOEM position. The Forum is intended for health professionals and is not intended to provide medical or legal advice, including illness prevention, diagnosi...

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  • Diurnal and Reactivity Measures of Cortisol in Response to Intensive Resilience and Tactical Training Among Special Forces Police.

    abstract::Special Forces Police are called to the most dangerous situations that require skills and equipment beyond the training available to a patrol officer. We recruited a platoon of special forces (n = 18) and examined their basal and reactivity levels of cortisol in relation to occupational duties. Moreover, we measured t...

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  • Thyroid health status of ammonium perchlorate workers: a cross-sectional occupational health study.

    abstract::Since pharmaceutical exposures to perchlorate are known to suppress thyroid function in patients with hyperthyroidism, a study of employees at a perchlorate manufacturing plant was conducted to assess whether occupational exposure to perchlorate suppresses thyroid function. Exposure to perchlorate was assessed by meas...

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