Comprehensive evaluation of allele frequency differences of MC1R variants across populations.


:The melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), a member of the G protein-coupled receptors superfamily, mediates the response to melanocortins and is currently the best-described contributor to normal pigment variation in humans. A remarkably large number of natural polymorphisms, or variants, of the MC1R gene have been identified in different populations. Some of these variants have been associated with specific hair and skin color phenotypes, the presence of freckling, and melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer risk. Interestingly, some MC1R variants have been associated with skin cancer beyond their effects on pigmentation. Although the red hair color variants (RHC variants) have been associated with skin cancer risk in the Celtic population, studies in darkly-pigmented Caucasian populations have demonstrated the importance of non-RHC MC1R variants on skin cancer risk as well. We have reviewed and compared allele frequency differences of MC1R variants across geographic regions. We observed large differences in the distribution of variants across populations, with a prominent difference between lightly and darkly-pigmented individuals. Moreover, among Caucasian groups, there were seven variants (p.V60L, p.V92M, p.D84E, p.R151C, p.R160W, p.R163Q, and p.D294H) with significantly different allele frequencies. Exploring differences in allele frequencies of MC1R variants across populations with varying pigmentation and differing skin cancer risk may improve our understanding of the complex relationship between MC1R, pigmentation, and carcinogenesis.


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Human mutation


Gerstenblith MR,Goldstein AM,Fargnoli MC,Peris K,Landi MT




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  • Palindrome-mediated and replication-dependent pathogenic structural rearrangements within the NF1 gene.

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  • Fanconi anemia A due to a novel frameshift mutation in hotspot motifs: lack of FANCA protein.

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  • Ten novel mutations in the human neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) gene in Italian patients.

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  • Genetic and functional analyses of ZIC3 variants in congenital heart disease.

    abstract::Mutations in zinc-finger in cerebellum 3 (ZIC3) result in heterotaxy or isolated congenital heart disease (CHD). The majority of reported mutations cluster in zinc-finger domains. We previously demonstrated that many of these lead to aberrant ZIC3 subcellular trafficking. A relative paucity of N- and C-terminal mutati...

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    abstract::Autosomal recessive spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a common, fatal neuromuscular disease caused by homozygous absence of the SMN1 gene in approximately 94% of patients. However, a highly homologous SMN2 gene exists in the same chromosome interval, centromeric to SMN1, and hampers detection of SMN1. We present a new,...

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  • Large differences in proportions of harmful and benign amino acid substitutions between proteins and diseases.

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  • SALL4 mutations in Okihiro syndrome (Duane-radial ray syndrome), acro-renal-ocular syndrome, and related disorders.

    abstract::Okihiro/Duane-radial ray syndrome (DRRS) is an autosomal dominant condition characterized by radial ray defects and Duane anomaly (a form of strabismus). Other abnormalities reported in this condition are anal, renal, cardiac, ear, and foot malformations, and hearing loss. The disease is the result of a mutation in th...

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  • A rare missense mutation in a type 2 diabetes patient decreases the transcriptional activity of human sterol regulatory element binding protein-1.

    abstract::Sterol regulatory element binding protein 1 (SREBP-1) transcription factors play a key role in energy homeostasis by regulating genes involved in both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and in adipocyte differentiation. The 5' end of the mRNA-encoding SREBP-1 exists in two forms, designated 1a and 1c. The divergence r...

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  • Mosaicism for dominant collagen 6 mutations as a cause for intrafamilial phenotypic variability.

    abstract::Collagen 6-related dystrophies and myopathies (COL6-RD) are a group of disorders that form a wide phenotypic spectrum, ranging from severe Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, intermediate phenotypes, to the milder Bethlem myopathy. Both inter- and intrafamilial variable expressivity are commonly observed. We presen...

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  • Novel mutations in African American patients with glycogen storage disease Type II. Mutations in brief no. 209. Online.

    abstract::The infantile form of GSD II (an inherited deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme, acid alpha-glucosidase, Pompe disease) is a severe and invariably fatal disease characterized by a rapidly progressive generalized hypotonia, hepatomegaly, and cardiomegaly. We have recently demonstrated that African American patients share...

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  • MEFV mutations in Behçet's disease.

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  • Position of nonmuscle myosin heavy chain IIA (NMMHC-IIA) mutations predicts the natural history of MYH9-related disease.

    abstract::MYH9-related disease (MYH9-RD) is a rare autosomal-dominant disorder caused by mutations in MYH9, the gene for the heavy chain of nonmuscle myosin IIA (NMMHC-IIA). All patients present from birth with macrothrombocytopenia, but in infancy or adult life, some of them develop sensorineural deafness, presenile cataracts,...

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  • Massive parallel DNA pyrosequencing analysis of the tumor suppressor BRG1/SMARCA4 in lung primary tumors.

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