Self-selected visual information during discrete manual aiming.


:The authors examined strategic selection of visual samples during manual aiming. Participants (N = 12) wore liquid-crystal goggles while performing discrete movements to a small target. Initially, participants controlled a 40-ms visual sample via a switch in their nonaiming hand. Subsequently, experimenter-imposed strategies required participants to take visual samples before movement initiation or early or late in the movement. Although participants adopted a variety of strategies to optimize the use of vision, they were more likely to select a sample during the early stages of the movement. Experimenter-imposed early and late instructions resulted in longer movement times than did self-selected sampling. Compared with late sampling, early sampling resulted in a temporal advantage with similar accuracy.


J Mot Behav


Hansen S,Cullen JD,Elliott D





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  • Visual and proprioceptive determinants of space perception and movement.

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  • Differential transfer benefits of increased practice for constant, blocked, and serial practice schedules.

    abstract::The effects of practice schedule and amount of practice on the development of the generalized motor program (GMP) and on parameter estimation were investigated. Participants (N = 108) practiced the same relative timing but different absolute durations of a multisegment timing task. Practice schedules (constant, blocke...

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    abstract::Experiments using rapid-positioning movements in humans, where the subject is suddenly and unexpectedly provided with a change in the load characteristics of the limb, are described. Taken together, the pattern of results supports a mass-spring model of unidirectional limb action, where the limb moves to a position de...

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  • Gravity affects the vertical curvature in human grasping movements.

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