Dynamics of annual influenza A epidemics with immuno-selection.


:The persistence of Influenza A in the human population relies on continual changes in the viral surface antigens allowing the virus to reinfect the same hosts every few years. The epidemiology of such a drifting virus is modeled by a discrete season-to-season map. During the epidemic season only one strain is present and its transmission dynamics follows a standard epidemic model. After the season, cross-immunity to next year's virus is determined from the proportion of hosts that were infected during the season. A partial analysis of this map shows the existence of oscillations where epidemics occur at regular or irregular intervals.


J Math Biol


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  • Stochastic selection in both haplophase and diplophase.

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  • Translating stochastic density-dependent individual behavior with sensory constraints to an Eulerian model of animal swarming.

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  • An ant navigation model based on Weber's law.

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  • Competition in the presence of a virus in an aquatic system: an SIS model in the chemostat.

    abstract::Recent research indicates that viruses are much more prevalent in aquatic environments than previously imagined. We derive a model of competition between two populations of bacteria for a single limiting nutrient in a chemostat where a virus is present. It is assumed that the virus can only infect one of the populatio...

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  • A note on the statistical properties of animal locations.

    abstract::A statistical model of the successive locations of an animal in the plane induces a statistical model of the relative positions of successive locations. A common locational model is that the Cartesian coordinates of successive locations in the plane are independent bivariate normal random variables. This note gives th...

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  • Continuous and discrete modeling of HIV-1 decline on therapy.

    abstract::Mathematical models have shed light on the dynamics of HIV- 1 infection in vivo. In this paper, we generalize continuous mathematical models of drug therapy for HIV-1 by Perelson et al. (Science 271:1582-1586, 1996) and Perelson and Nelson (SIAM Rev 41:3-44, 1999) on time scales, i.e., a nonempty closed subset of real...

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  • A model for macromolecular selection in complementary instructing systems.

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  • Mathematical modelling of stem cell differentiation: the PU.1-GATA-1 interaction.

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  • Combinatorial vector fields and the valley structure of fitness landscapes.

    abstract::Adaptive (downhill) walks are a computationally convenient way of analyzing the geometric structure of fitness landscapes. Their inherently stochastic nature has limited their mathematical analysis, however. Here we develop a framework that interprets adaptive walks as deterministic trajectories in combinatorial vecto...

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  • On the formulation and analysis of general deterministic structured population models. II. Nonlinear theory.

    abstract::This paper is as much about a certain modelling methodology, as it is about the constructive definition of future population states from a description of individual behaviour and an initial population state. The key idea is to build a nonlinear model in two steps, by explicitly introducing the environmental condition ...

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  • Dispersal and settling of translocated populations: a general study and a New Zealand amphibian case study.

    abstract::Translocations are widely used to reintroduce threatened species to areas where they have disappeared. A continuum multi-species model framework describing dispersal and settling of translocated animals is developed. A variety of different dispersal and settling mechanisms, which may depend on local population density...

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  • Stationary multiple spots for reaction-diffusion systems.

    abstract::In this paper, we review analytical methods for a rigorous study of the existence and stability of stationary, multiple spots for reaction-diffusion systems. We will consider two classes of reaction-diffusion systems: activator-inhibitor systems (such as the Gierer-Meinhardt system) and activator-substrate systems (su...

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  • Mathematical models for CFSE labelled lymphocyte dynamics: asymmetry and time-lag in division.

    abstract::Since their invention in 1994, fluorescent dyes such as carboxyfluorescein diacetate succinimidyl ester (CFSE) are used for cell proliferation analysis in flow cytometry. Importantly, the interpretation of such assays relies on the assumption that the label is divided equally between the daughter cells upon cell divis...

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  • Memory and adaptive behavior in population dynamics: anti-predator behavior as a case study.

    abstract::Memory allows organisms to forecast the future on the basis of experience, and thus, in some form, is important for the development of flexible adaptive behavior by animal communities. To model memory, we use the concept of hysteresis, which mathematically is described by the Preisach operator. As a case study, we con...

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  • Noisy threshold in neuronal models: connections with the noisy leaky integrate-and-fire model.

    abstract::Providing an analytical treatment to the stochastic feature of neurons' dynamics is one of the current biggest challenges in mathematical biology. The noisy leaky integrate-and-fire model and its associated Fokker-Planck equation are probably the most popular way to deal with neural variability. Another well-known for...

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  • Input-output relationship of the Leaky-integrator neuron model.

    abstract::This paper presents a method of calculating the spike sequence at the output of the Leaky-Integrator Neuron Model (LIM) in response to an arbitrary input stimulus. The calculations have revealed new properties of the initial transient behavior of the LIM, as well as new constraints upon necessary and sufficient condit...

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  • Stability of the steady-state size distribution in a model of cell growth and division.

    abstract::The approach to steady-state size distribution is studied for a growing population of cells. The model incorporates cell growth at a linear rate and division into two equal daughters after a random time composed of an exponentially distributed phase and a constant deterministic phase. ...

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  • Central pattern generators for bipedal locomotion.

    abstract::Golubitsky, Stewart, Buono and Collins proposed two models for the achitecture of central pattern generators (CPGs): one for bipeds (which we call leg) and one for quadrupeds (which we call quad). In this paper we use symmetry techniques to classify the possible spatiotemporal symmetries of periodic solutions that can...

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  • Stochastic models for cell motion and taxis.

    abstract::Certain biological experiments investigating cell motion result in time lapse video microscopy data which may be modeled using stochastic differential equations. These models suggest statistics for quantifying experimental results and testing relevant hypotheses, and carry implications for the qualitative behavior of ...

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  • Counting glycans revisited.

    abstract::We present an algorithm for counting glycan topologies of order n that improves on previously described algorithms by a factor n in both time and space. More generally, we provide such an algorithm for counting rooted or unrooted d-ary trees with labels or masses assigned to the vertices, and we give a "recipe" to est...

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  • Coexistence phenomena and global bifurcation structure in a chemostat-like model with species-dependent diffusion rates.

    abstract::We study the competition of two species for a single resource in a chemostat. In the simplest space-homogeneous situation, it is known that only one species survives, namely the best competitor. In order to exhibit coexistence phenomena, where the two competitors are able to survive, we consider a space dependent situ...

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  • Predicting coexistence of plants subject to a tolerance-competition trade-off.

    abstract::Ecological trade-offs between species are often invoked to explain species coexistence in ecological communities. However, few mathematical models have been proposed for which coexistence conditions can be characterized explicitly in terms of a trade-off. Here we present a model of a plant community which allows such ...

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