Afferent Information for Motor Control: The Role of Visual Information in Different Portions of the Movement.


:The question addressed in the present study was whether subjects (N = 24) can use visual information about their hand, in the first half of an aiming movement, to ensure optimal directional accuracy of their aiming movements. Four groups of subjects practiced an aiming task in either a complete vision condition, a no-vision condition, or in a condition in which their hand was visible for the first half [initial vision condition (IV)] or the second half of the movement [final vision condition (FV)]. Following 240 trials of acquisition, all subjects were submitted to a transfer test that consisted of 40 trials performed in a no-vision condition. The results indicated that seeing the hand early in movement did not help subjects to optimize either directional or amplitude accuracy. On the other hand, when subjects viewed their hand closer to the target, movements resulted that were as accurate as those performed under a complete vision condition. In transfer, withdrawing vision did not cause any increase in aiming error for the IV or the no-vision conditions. These results replicated those of Carlton (1981) and extended those of Bard and colleagues (Bard, Hay, & Fleury, 1985) in that they indicated that the kinetic visual channel hypothesized by Paillard (1980; Paillard & Amblard, 1985) appeared to be inoperative beyond 40deg of visual angle.


J Mot Behav


Temprado JJ,Vieilledent S,Proteau L





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