Two novel types of contiguous gene deletion of the AVPR2 and ARHGAP4 genes in unrelated Japanese kindreds with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.


:Study of two families containing individuals with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI) indicated different types of 21.3 kb and 26.3 kb deletions involving the AVPR2 and ARHGAP4 (RhoGAP C1) genes. In the case of the 21.3 kb deletion, the deletion consensus motif (5'-TGAAGG-3') and polypurine runs, known as the arrest site of polymerase alpha, were detected in the vicinity of the deletion junction. Inverted repeats (7/8 matches), believed to potentiate DNA loop formation, flank the deletion breakpoint. We propose this deletion to be the result of slipped mispairing during DNA replication. In the case of the 26.3 kb deletion, the 12,945 bp inverted region with the 10,003 bp internal deletion was accompanied with the 2,509 bp deletion in the 5'-side and the 13,785 bp deletion in the 3'-side. We defined three deletion junctions in this rearrangement (DJ1, DJ2, and DJ3) from the 5'-side. The surrounding sequence of DJ1 (5'-CCC-3') closely resembled that of DJ3 (5'-AGGG-3') (DJ1; 5'-cCCCgaggg-3', DJ3; 5'-ccccAGGG-3'), and DJ1 was located in the 5'-side of DJ3 without any overlapping in sequence. The immunoglobulin class switch (ICS) motif (5'-TGGGG-3') was found around the complementary sequence of DJ3. There was a 10-base palindrome (5'-aGACAtgtct-3') in the alignment of the DJ2 (5'-GACA-3') region. From these findings, we propose a novel mutation process with the rearrangement probably resulting from stem-loop induced non-homologous recombination in an ICS-like fashion. Both patients, despite lacking ARHGAP4, had no morphological, clinical, or laboratory abnormalities except for those usually found in patients with NDI.


Hum Mutat


Human mutation


Demura M,Takeda Y,Yoneda T,Furukawa K,Usukura M,Itoh Y,Mabuchi H





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  • Characterization of ATM mutations in 41 Nordic families with ataxia telangiectasia.

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  • Impaired development of neural-crest cell-derived organs and intellectual disability caused by MED13L haploinsufficiency.

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  • Novel TSC2 mutations and decreased expression of tuberin in cultured tumor cells with an insertion mutation.

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  • A fast polymerase chain reaction-mediated strategy for introducing repeat expansions into CAG-repeat containing genes.

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  • Chemical chaperone therapy: chaperone effect on mutant enzyme and cellular pathophysiology in β-galactosidase deficiency.

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  • Mutation update: TGFBI pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants in corneal dystrophies.

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  • Clinical spectrum of LIG4 deficiency is broadened with severe dysmaturity, primordial dwarfism, and neurological abnormalities.

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  • CAPN5 genetic inactivation phenotype supports therapeutic inhibition trials.

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  • Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (MPS VI) and molecular analysis: Review and classification of published variants in the ARSB gene.

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  • An XML-based interchange format for genotype-phenotype data.

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  • Mutations in severe combined immune deficiency (SCID) due to JAK3 deficiency.

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  • Mutation detection in the duplicated region of the polycystic kidney disease 1 (PKD1) gene in PKD1-linked Australian families.

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  • VIPdb, a genetic Variant Impact Predictor Database.

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  • Structural and biochemical consequences of NF1 associated nontruncating mutations in the Sec14-PH module of neurofibromin.

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  • Somatic MED12 Nonsense Mutation Escapes mRNA Decay and Reveals a Motif Required for Nuclear Entry.

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  • Identification of two novel LDL receptor gene defects in French-Canadian pediatric population: mutational analysis and biochemical studies.

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  • A novel nonstop mutation in TYMP does not induce nonstop mRNA decay in a MNGIE patient with severe neuropathy.

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