Harvey Cushing's experience with cranial deformity.


:Surgery for cranial deformity was associated with significant surgical morbidity during the early part of the 20th century. For this reason, Harvey Cushing was initially not in favor of surgical treatment of craniosynostosis. Later in his career, Cushing began to operate on these children, although it never became a major focus of his practice. Several examples of his patients with cranial deformity are presented, and his limited role in the development of this field is discussed.


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Neurosurgical focus


Maher CO,Buchman SR,O'Hara E,Cohen-Gadol AA




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  • Neurobehavioral outcomes in patients with myelomeningocele.

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  • Transarterial embolization of an internal maxillary artery arteriovenous fistula presenting with pulsatile tinnitus.

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  • Clinical and pathological outcomes after resection of intramedullary spinal cord tumors: a single-institution case series.

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  • The role of inferior petrosal sinus sampling in the diagnostic localization of Cushing's disease.

    abstract::Cushing's syndrome can present a complex problem of differential diagnosis. Of cases in which hypercortisolemia results from an adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-dependent process, approximately 80% are due to a pituitary adenoma (Cushing's disease [CD]), 10% are due to adrenal lesions, and the remaining 10% are seco...

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  • Laser-assisted microsurgical resection of thoracic intramedullary spinal cord ependymoma.

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  • A machine learning approach to predict early outcomes after pituitary adenoma surgery.

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  • Computer-assisted frameless stereotaxy in transsphenoidal surgery at a single institution: review of 176 cases.

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  • Transzygomatic extended middle fossa approach for upper petroclival skull base lesions.

    abstract::Central skull base lesions in the upper retroclival and petroclival regions can be challenging to access because of their location anterior to the brainstem. Several transpetrosal approaches have been developed to access the petroclival junction, including anterior petrosal (anterior petrosectomy), posterior petrosal ...

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  • Tumor-associated epilepsy.

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  • Home palliative care and end of life issues in glioblastoma multiforme: results and comments from a homogeneous cohort of patients.

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  • The current state of electrocorticography-based brain-computer interfaces.

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  • Predicting postoperative hydrocephalus in 227 patients with skull base meningioma.

    abstract:OBJECT:Some patients develop communicating hydrocephalus after meningioma surgery, and this can develop into a serious clinical condition. However, this has rarely been addressed in the literature. Therefore, the authors sought to determine predictive patient variables for the occurrence of postoperative hydrocephalus ...

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  • Enhanced recovery after spine surgery: a systematic review.

    abstract::OBJECTIVEEnhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) is a multidimensional approach to improving the care of surgical patients using subspecialty- and procedure-specific evidence-based protocols. The literature provides evidence of the benefits of ERAS implementation, which include expedited functional recovery, decreased ...

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  • Carotid endarterectomy: current indications for surgery.

    abstract::The study of carotid artery occlusive disease interventions can be divided clinically into the treatment of asymptomatic and symptomatic diseases. Clinical trials that have studied or are currently studying asymptomatic disease include: the Carotid Artery Stenosis with Asymptomatic Narrowing Operation Versus Aspirin s...

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  • Paracervical abscesses as life-threatening complications of outpatient pain treatment. Report of three cases.

    abstract::The authors present three cases of iatrogenic paracervical abscesses caused by infiltration therapy of pain medications used in conservative treatment in patients with chronic cervicobrachialgia. All three patients had received this therapy several times before presenting with clinical signs of a local infection. The ...

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  • Thoracic hemivertebra excision in adults via a posterior-only approach. Report of two cases.

    abstract::Hemivertebrae are a common cause of congenital scoliosis. Depending on their location and the magnitude of the resultant deformity, they may be asymptomatic or require treatment. In the past, treatment has focused on prevention of deformity progression in growing children. Little has been written about congenital scol...

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  • Combined interhemispheric translamina terminalis and pterional approach for a dorsum sellae meningioma.

    abstract::This video demonstrates a surgical technique of resecting dorsum sellae meningioma using a combined interhemispheric translamina terminalis approach and pterional approach with clinoidectomy. The tumor, 5 cm in maximum diameter, originated from the dorsum sellae, compressed the third ventricle and the midbrain, and di...

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  • Determination of geographic variance in stroke prevalence using Internet search engine analytics.

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  • Quality of life after different surgical procedures for the treatment of spinal metastases: results of a single-center prospective case series.

    abstract::OBJECTIVE The performance of surgery for spinal metastases is rapidly increasing. Different surgical procedures, ranging from stabilization alone to stabilization combined with corpectomy, are thereby performed for various indications. Little is known about the impact of these different procedures on patient quality o...

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  • Herpes simplex reactivation following neurosurgery: case report and review of the literature.

    abstract::Herpes simplex encephalitis is a common viral encephalitis associated with significant morbidity and mortality if not diagnosed and treated early. Neurosurgery may be an impetus for viral reactivation, either from direct nerve manipulation or high-dose steroids often administered during cases. The authors present the ...

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  • A review of ocular manifestations in intracranial hypotension.

    abstract:OBJECT:Intracranial hypotension (ICH) can present with a wide variety of visual symptoms and findings. Deficits in visual acuity and visual fields as well as ophthalmoplegia due to cranial nerve dysfunction have been frequently described. The aim of this review was to identify the most commonly reported ocular manifest...

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