Diabetic retinopathy: early functional changes.


:1. The present review reports some of the earliest physiological changes that occur in the diabetic retina prior to any clinical or anatomical changes in an animal model of diabetes. 2. Using chemically induced diabetes (by streptozotocin) in rats, retinal blood flow and vitreal and retinal oxygen tension were determined after 5 weeks of sustained hyperglycaemia. Blood flow was greater and was also redistributed in the diabetic group compared with values for the control group. At the same time, oxygen tension distribution was altered around retinal arterioles, implying an increase in retinal oxygen consumption in these early diabetic retinas. 3. The possibility that the blood flow changes could be due to altered control mechanisms in the retinal vasculature was confirmed using an isolated, perfused eye preparation. In diabetic eyes an altered reactivity to test pharmacological agents was demonstrated after 4 weeks of diabetes. 4. To further explore these vascular response changes we developed an isolated, perfused retinal arteriolar preparation in which individual segments of the vasculature can be tested. The possibility that insulin has a direct vasodilator effect on retinal arterioles was confirmed and was demonstrated to act via nitric oxide released from the vascular endothelial cells. These data may implicate the diabetic-induced insulin changes in early retinal changes. 5. Evidence is presented that although early glucose control may be vital in stopping the onset of diabetic retinopathy, there comes a stage in the induced diabetic cascade where if the retinopathy has commenced, good glucose control cannot stop the further progression of the retinopathy.


Alder VA,Su EN,Yu DY,Cringle SJ,Yu PK




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    abstract::The prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor diclofenac sodium has been compared with a placebo in the treatment of primary nocturnal enuresis in a double-blind crossover trial. Twenty patients were entered: 14 female, six male; age range 6-17 years. The results showed that diclofenac sodium was significantly more effective ...

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    authors: Al-Waili NS

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  • Human tachykinin NK2 receptor: a comparative study of the colon and urinary bladder.

    abstract::1. The present study compared the binding and functional characteristics of tachykinin NK2 receptors in human detrusor muscle with those in human colon circular muscle. 2. In radioligand binding studies, similar KD values were observed for tachykinin NK2 receptor radioligands [125I]-neurokinin (NK) A, [125I]-[Lys5,Tyr...

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  • Genetic factors regulate the rise in blood pressure in F2 generation crossed between stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats and Wistar-Kyoto rats.

    abstract::1. There was no significant difference between the systolic blood pressure (SBP) of offspring derived from SHRSP mother and WKY father and the SBP of offspring derived from WKY mother and SHRSP father at the developing stage (5-13 weeks of age). 2. The degree of genetic determinations of SBP in stroke-prone spontaneou...

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  • Inhibition by ethacrynic acid of NO-mediated relaxations of the rat anococcygeus muscle.

    abstract::1. The effects of ethacrynic acid were studied on relaxations elicited by nitric oxide (NO), the NO-donors sodium nitroprusside (SNP) and glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), nitrergic nerve stimulation and the NO-independent agent papaverine in isolated preparations of rat anococcygeus muscles. 2. Ethacrynic acid (100 mumol/L)...

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