Control of intravascular volume during pregnancy.


:1. We wished to determine whether, during pregnancy, there is reduced renal response to atrial distension, whether secretion of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) is suppressed and whether neural input from the atrial volume receptors to the central nervous system is altered. 2. Conscious, chronically instrumented female rats were used. Atrial distension was achieved by implanting small balloons positioned at the superior vena caval/right atrial junction; inflation of the balloon did not impede blood flow through the heart. 3. In virgin rats, atrial stretch caused increased urine volume, urine sodium and potassium output and decreased free water clearance. These responses were abolished during pregnancy. 4. In response to atrial stretch, plasma ANF levels increased significantly in virgin rats. No such secretory response was observed in the pregnant animals. 5. Distension of isolated atria derived from unmated and 7 day pregnant rats resulted in an increase in secretion of ANF into the perfusate. Atria from 14 and 21 day pregnant rats were unresponsive to distension. 6. Pretreatment with oestradiol (50 micrograms daily for 10 days) caused plasma ANF levels and ANF secretion by isolated perfused atria to increase. By contrast, testosterone pretreatment (15 mg twice weekly for 2 weeks) abolished stretch induced secretion of ANF by isolated atria. 7. C-fos activity in the paraventricular nucleus of virgin rats increased in response to atrial distension. This response was reduced in the 7 day pregnant rats and abolished at 21 days. 8. We conclude that there is attenuation of both hormonal and neural responses to atrial distension in the pregnant animal. This allows blood volume to increase without eliciting homeostatic mechanisms to eliminate the extra fluid.


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  • Ion channels, long QT syndrome and arrhythmogenesis in ageing.

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    abstract::1. Ethionine administered acutely to the adult female rat markedly elevates and then lowers plasma iron concentration over several days. Liver iron undergoes a reverse cycle. 2. Ethionine does not cause changes in the blood parameters, including total plasma iron-binding capacity and plasma iron clearance. Erythrocyte...

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  • Reduced adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate levels in patients with reversible obstructive airways disease.

    abstract::1. Patients were grouped into categories of 'no airways disease', 'obstructive airways disease without response to bronchodilator' and 'obstructive airways disease with bronchodilator responsiveness'. 2. Cyclic nucleotides were assayed in specimens of lung tissue that were excised during surgery. 3. Reduced levels of ...

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  • Amelioration of L-thyroxine-induced hyperthyroidism by coumarin (1,2-benzopyrone) in female rats.

    abstract::1. The efficacy of coumarin (1,2-benzopyrone) was examined for the regulation of hyperthyroidism in female rats. 2. Coumarin was administered (10 mg/kg per day for 15 days) to l-thyroxine (L-T(4))-induced hyperthyroid as well as to euthyroid rats and changes in serum concentrations of thyroid hormones and in associate...

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  • Effects of glutamate transport substrates and glutamate receptor ligands on the activity of Na-/K(+)-ATPase in brain tissue in vitro.

    abstract::1. It has been suggested that Na+/K(+)-ATPase and Na(+)-dependent glutamate transport (GluT) are tightly linked in brain tissue. In the present study, we have investigated Na+/K(+)-ATPase activity using Rb+ uptake by 'minislices' (prisms) of the cerebral cortex. This preparation preserves the morphology of neurons, sy...

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  • Isolation of opiate receptor ligands in coffee.

    abstract::1. We have reported previously that instant coffee contains ligands for opiate receptors with characteristics similar to those of opiate antagonists. 2. A concentrate of receptor-active ligands from instant coffee was prepared by serial treatments involving Amberlite XAD-2, flash chromatography and gel permeation chro...

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  • Nerve growth factor mRNA content parallels altered sympathetic innervation in the spontaneously hypertensive rat.

    abstract::1. In order to explore the mechanisms responsible for the hypernoradrenergic innervation of the vasculature in the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR) the tissue content of nerve growth factor messenger ribonucleic acid (NGFmRNA) was examined. 2. The concentration of NGFmRNA was markedly elevated in mesenteric veins ...

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  • Octreotide inhibits capsaicin-induced activation of C and Aδ afferent fibres in rat hairy skin in vivo.

    abstract::1. The present study investigated whether the somatostatin receptor (SSTR) agonist, octreotide, could inhibit the activation of dorsal skin afferent fibres induced by local injection of capsaicin in the rat. 2. Single unit activity from Aδ mechano-heat sensitive (AMH; n = 41) and C mechano-heat sensitive (CMH; n = 30)...

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    abstract::1. Endothelial dysfunction is seen in patients with essential hypertension or congestive heart failure (CHF). The present study aimed to evaluate the direct effect on endothelium- dependent vasodilation (EDV) of different pharmacological drugs commonly used in the treatment of these conditions. 2. Forearm blood flow (...

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  • Nitric oxide induced sinusoidal relaxation after a propranolol priming dose in the perfused rat liver reduces propranolol availability on subsequent dosing.

    abstract::1. The present study sought to explain the mechanism leading to reduced availability of propranolol when given after a priming dose in the single-pass perfused rat liver. 2. Extracellular sucrose space (as a measure of sinusoidal relaxation) in perfused rat liver before and after propranolol or propranolol and N(G)-ni...

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  • Characterization and localization of (-)[125I]-cyanopindolol binding to non-beta-adrenoceptor sites in dog kidney.

    abstract::1. (-)[125I]-Cyanopindolol (CYP) binding to non-beta-adrenoceptor sites in dog kidney was characterized in homogenate preparations and their distribution in sections determined using autoradiography. 2. In homogenate studies, (-)[125I]-CYP bound to a single population of non-interacting sites (Bmax = 5.45, s.e.m. = 1....

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  • Severity of coronary atherosclerosis is an independent predictor of the left ventricular ejection fraction.

    abstract::1. We studied the association between the level of the left ventricular ejection fraction and the severity of coronary atherosclerosis. 2. The study population consisted of 850 consecutive patients who underwent coronary angiography for suspected or known coronary atherosclerosis. Anthropometric measurements including...

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  • Antihyperglycaemic and anti-oxidant properties of Anoectochilus formosanus in diabetic rats.

    abstract::1. In the present study, we investigated aqueous extracts of Anoectochilus formosanus (AFE) for antihyperglycaemic and anti-oxidant effects in diabetic rats induced by streptozotocin (STZ). 2. Diabetic rats were randomly divided into groups and treated orally by gavage with vehicle (distilled water) or AFE (1 and 2 g/...

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  • Effect of acute and subacute treatment of clonidine on blood pH, PCO2 and PO2 in mice.

    abstract::1. Measurements were made on blood pH, PCO2 and PO2 in mice after a single injection and following five weeks continuous clonidine hydrochloride treatment. 2. A single injection of clonidine hydrochloride exerts no effect on blood pH, PCO2 and PO2 but five weeks of continuous clonidine hydrochloride treatment lowers t...

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    abstract::Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been considered as a multi-factorial metabolic syndrome. MicroRNA-375 (MiR-375) was significantly up-regulated in serum of NAFLD patients and the role of miR-375 was addressed as a putative biomarker of NAFLD progression. However, the specific function of miR-375 in the pr...

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  • Diabetic retinopathy: early functional changes.

    abstract::1. The present review reports some of the earliest physiological changes that occur in the diabetic retina prior to any clinical or anatomical changes in an animal model of diabetes. 2. Using chemically induced diabetes (by streptozotocin) in rats, retinal blood flow and vitreal and retinal oxygen tension were determi...

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  • Azithromycin inhibits muscarinic 2 receptor-activated and voltage-activated Ca2+ permeant ion channels and Ca2+ sensitization, relaxing airway smooth muscle contraction.

    abstract::Azithromycin (AZM) has been used for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); however, the effects and underlying mechanisms of AZM remain largely unknown. The effects of AZM on airway smooth muscles (ASMs) and the underlying mechanisms were studied using isometric muscle force measure...

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    authors: Wang Q,Yu MF,Zhang WJ,Liu BB,Zhao QY,Luo X,Xu H,She YS,Zang DA,Qiu JY,Shen J,Peng YB,Zhao P,Xue L,Chen W,Ma LQ,Nie X,Shen C,Chen S,Chen S,Liu Q,Dai J,Qin G,Zheng YM,Wang YX,ZhuGe R,Chen J,Liu QH

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  • Cellular actions of opioids and other analgesics: implications for synergism in pain relief.

    abstract::1. mu-Opioid receptor agonists mediate their central analgesic effects by actions on neurons within brain regions such as the mid-brain periaqueductal grey (PAG). Within the PAG, mu-opioid receptor-mediated analgesia results from inhibition of GABAergic influences on output projection neurons. We have established that...

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    authors: Christie MJ,Connor M,Vaughan CW,Ingram SL,Bagley EE

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  • A controlled study of the effects of aerobic exercise on antihypertensive drug requirements of essential hypertensive patients in the general practice setting.

    abstract::1. To investigate the effect of an exercise training programme on antihypertensive drug requirements, 19 sedentary subjects (14 men and five women) with mild essential hypertension (systolic blood pressure greater than 140 mmHg but less than 180 mmHg), aged 29-55 years, were randomly assigned to 16 weeks of moderate i...

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  • Inhibition of nuclear translocation of transcription factor nuclear factor-kappa B induces FAS- as well as tumour necrosis factor-alpha-mediated apoptosis through downregulation of a conserved family of inhibitor of apoptosis 1.

    abstract::1. In the present study, we examined whether the nuclear transcription factor (NF)-kappaB activity plays a role in the determination of sensitivity to tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha or agonistic Fas antibody (Ab) in human vascular smooth muscle cells (hVSMC). 2. To inhibit agonist-induced NF-kappaB activation in h...

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  • Wagner-Nelson method for analysing the atypical double-peaked [13CO2] excretion curve in the [13C]-octanoate gastric emptying breath test in humans.

    abstract::1. In the [(13)C]-octanoic acid breath test, the time versus pulmonary [(13)CO(2)] excretion rate curve is analysed using mathematical curve-fitting techniques to calculate gastric emptying parameters. Thus, the goodness-of-fit highly influences the accuracy of the breath test. However, a double-peaked [(13)CO(2)] exc...

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  • β-lactam pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in critically ill patients and strategies for dose optimization: a structured review.

    abstract::1. Infections and related sepsis are two of the most prevalent issues in the care of critically ill patients, with mortality as high as 70%. Appropriate antibiotic selection, as well as adequate dosing, is important to improve the clinical outcome for these patients. 2. β-Lactams are the most common antibiotic class u...

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