[Implementation strategies of nursing processes for an HIV-positive patient].


:Aiming at valuing the use of strategies such as teaching and learning methods, the relaxation technique and coping are described in a case study concerning a hospitalized HIV-positive person presenting the Acquired Immuno-Defficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The Conceptual Model proposed by Dorothéia Orem (OREM, 1985), Risner's proposal for the conduction of diagnostic thinking and the Nursing Diagnostic Unifying System proposed by NANDA (NANDA, 1996) were use as theoretical framework. Among the identified diagnoses, three were selected in order to exemplify the planning, implementation and process evaluation phases.


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Sena CA,de Carvalho EC,Rossi LA,Ruffino MC





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  • [Long-acting antipsychotics in the maintenance treatment of schizophrenia. Part II. Management of medications, integration of the multiprofessional team, and perspectives with the formulation of new a new generation of long-acting antipsychotics].

    abstract::Among various topics, this second part addresses indication and beginning of treatment, dose inter-individual variability and interval between injections, appointment frequency and special strategies during treatment relapse. Considering that poor adherence to antipsychotic treatment is a major factor in schizophrenic...

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  • Diagnosis of the situation of health workers and the training process at a regional center for professional health education.

    abstract::The policy of professional health education has been put into operation by the centers of professional health education in a decentralized way. Aiming to identify the needs of the health sector at a regional level, a survey was carried out to investigate the situation of workers in the public health network of 22 citi...

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  • Perceptional gaps among women, husbands and family members about intentions for birthplace: a cross-sectional study.

    abstract:Objective::women are more likely to give birth at a health facility when their families agree with the birthplace. However, in rural areas of Tanzania, women are often marginalized from decision-making. This study predicted birthplace intention and identified factors to reduce perceptional gaps among pregnant women, hu...

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  • Domestic violence: from the visible to the invisible.

    abstract::This study aimed to identify and analyze notifications of domestic violence against children registered at the Regional Health Services in Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil; the limitations imposed to health professionals' actions and the meaning of domestic violence against children in the health professionals' routine. T...

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  • Primary Health Care Evaluation: the view of clients and professionals about the Family Health Strategy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to evaluate the attributes of primary health care as for access; longitudinality; comprehensiveness; coordination; family counseling and community counseling in the Family Health Strategy, triangulating and comparing the views of stakeholders involved in the care process. METHOD:evaluative research with a qu...

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  • [Bibliographic study of publishing on management activity of nursing in mental health].

    abstract::Aiming at studying the mental health nurse's management activity as an instrument in the work process, a bibliographic study on nursing publications from 1988 to 1997 which concerned that topic was carried out. By reading and critically analyzing 8 articles and 19 selected theses and dissertations, the major character...

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  • [Negative and positive eugenics: meanings and contradictions].

    abstract::Eugenics constitutes an important subject of debate, associated with current biogenetics improvements. Considering that the central point in eugenics has always been the preoccupation with future generations' health and constitution, and that the use of scientific means and knowledge for the birth of a physically and ...

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  • Application of the educational method of realistic simulation in the treatment of pressure injuries.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to evaluate the use of realistic simulation as a strategy to promote teaching about pressure injuries. METHOD:This is a quasi-experimental study. A modified and translated version of the Pieper Pressure Ulcer knowledge test was applied. Kappa statistical analysis was used to assess the professionals' knowled...

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  • Changing the perspective on specialized knowledge in nursing: an epistemological debate.

    abstract::This theoretical study results from the observation and problematization of inexperienced nurses' insertion in technological environments, which requires specialized knowledge and practices. We pose the question if the use of this knowledge leads to a fragmented practice. The objective is to discuss the specialized kn...

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  • Development of an eye protector for phototherapy on newborns: a technology.

    abstract::Hyperbilirubinemia results from the predisposition of newborns to produce bilirubin and their ability to excrete it. The treatment applied is phototherapy; however, one of its complications is degeneration of the retina by exposure to light, making it essential to provide proper eye protection. The objective of this s...

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  • Nursing care in tuberculosis patients at a Spanish sanatorium, 1943-1975.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:the objective in this study is to identify the profile of the nursing staff, the work conditions and to describe nursing care at a sanatorium located in Barcelona, Spain between 1943 and 1975. METHOD:historical study undertaken between 2008 and 2010, based on oral sources, five direct and one indirect testi...

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  • [Profile of undergraduate nursing students' attitudes towards mental disease, before the influence of specific academic education].

    abstract::Students starting the Nursing Course bring with them stereotypes and prejudice in relation to mentally-ill people, thus showing lack of knowledge as to their possibilities of recovery and social living. This study aimed at elaborating a profile of the attitudes presented by these students in relation to such people an...

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  • Cardiovascular risk assessment in hypertensive patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to assess cardiovascular risk by means of the traditional Framingham score and the version modified through the incorporation of emerging risk factors, such as family history of acute myocardial infarction, metabolic syndrome and chronic kidney disease. METHOD:participants were 50 hypertensive patients under...

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  • University management nurse: a grounded theory.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to understand the meaning of the university management performed by nurses managers of the nursing undergraduate course of a public university. METHOD:this is a qualitative research, based on the grounded theory. Data collection took place between May and September 2016, with open interviews, in the scenario...

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  • Drugs use by six to seven-year-old children from an elementary school in Celaya, Guanajuato, México.

    abstract::This study aimed to identify the use of drugs by six to seven-year-old students from an elementary school in Celaya, Gto., Mexico. It is a cross-sectional exploratory study with non-probabilistic sample. Thirty-nine students, both genders, were interviewed, and the use of drugs was identified, not only among students,...

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  • [Nursing staff turnover: a study at a school-hospital].

    abstract::The goal of this exploratory-descriptive study was to measure and compare nursing staff turnover levels at the University Hospital of São Paulo University. The population consisted of 255 nursing workers - 78 nurses, 20 technicians and 156 auxiliaries - who resigned from the hospital between 1997 and 2000. Turnover le...

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  • [Education, care and management technologies: a reflection based on nursing teachers' conception].

    abstract::This study involved the teachers of sixteen Nursing Courses at Higher Education Institutions in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and aimed to identify the care, education and management technologies that are used and/or produced in their professional praxis in professionalizing subjects. This text presents a research ex...

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  • Realist evaluation for programs and services in the health area: an integrative review of the theoretical and methodological literature.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify and analyze the concepts of the realist evaluation and the methodologies recommended for its development in the health area. METHOD:an integrative review, which included theoretical and methodological studies published in the following databases: COCHRANE Library, EVIPNet, Health Systems Evidence...

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  • The contribution of distance learning to the knowledge of nursing lecturers regarding assessment of chronic wounds.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify the contribution made by a refresher course on the assessment of chronic wounds, offered through the Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE), to the knowledge relating to this issue of nursing lecturers and nurses linked to higher education. METHOD:a prospective, quasi-experimental study, with ...

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  • Predisposing factors for peripheral intravenous puncture failure in children.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify predisposing factors for peripheral intravenous puncture failure in children. METHODS:Cross-sectional cohort study conducted with 335 children in a pediatric ward of a university hospital after approval of the ethics committee. The Wald Chi-squared, Prevalence Ratio (PR) and backward procedure (p...

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    authors: de Negri DC,Avelar AF,Andreoni S,Pedreira Mda L

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  • Presenteeism and musculoskeletal symptoms among nursing professionals.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in two stages (before and after six months of the first stage) and its association with presenteeism among nursing professionals. METHOD:longitudinal study with quantitative data conducted in a Brazilian teaching hospital with 211 nursing professionals. ...

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    authors: Santos HECD,Marziale MHP,Felli VEA

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  • Evaluation of products and services of a nursing library: user satisfaction.

    abstract::The goal of the study was to evaluate the quality of the services provided by the library at the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo. A questionnaire evaluating users' satisfaction with the service was employed, covering five quality components: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. ...

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    authors: Cozin SK,Turrini RN

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  • [The meaning of sexuality for adolescents living in the streets of Goiania].

    abstract::This study aimed at reflecting on the sexuality for adolescents living on the street, based on their point of view. Authors used a qualitative approach in order to identify general aspects related to the sexuality of adolescents living on the street in Goiânia. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews an...

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  • [Nursing profession in epidemiologic surveillance at Ribeirao Preto (1988-1996)].

    abstract::The insertion of the nursing profession in Epidemiologic Surveillance (ES) at Ribeirão Preto from 1988 to 1996 has been identified in the process of health care decentralization. The qualitative methodology is used based in bibliographic and documentation sources and by 8 semi-structured interviews. Nurses are in grea...

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    authors: Pedersoli CE,Antonialli E,Vila TC

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  • Between spiritual wellbeing and spiritual distress: possible related factors in elderly patients with cancer.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:this article describes the assessment of the spiritual wellbeing of elderly patients with cancer submitted to chemotherapy and possible predictive factors of the spiritual distress diagnosis. METHODOLOGY:this is a methodological study for clinical validation of a nursing diagnosis, using interviews to assist...

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    authors: Caldeira S,Carvalho EC,Vieira M

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  • Support actions undertaken for the woman by companions in public maternity hospitals.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify the support actions undertaken for the woman during labor, birth, cesarean section and the postpartum period. METHOD:a transversal study, undertaken in three public maternity hospitals, with a sample of 1,147 companions. The data were collected through interviews and were analyzed using descripti...

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  • [Symptoms of stress in workers from five family health centers].

    abstract::This study aimed at investigating the occurrence of stress among workers at five family health centers of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine. The author used Lipp's Inventory of Stress Symptoms in Adults. The instrument aims to identify the symptoms presented by the individuals, evaluatin...

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  • Intrafamily violence and justice.

    abstract::This study aimed to analyze the structural, developmental and functional dimensions of families in situations of violence, under judicial intervention in the city of São Paulo, SP, Brazil. The theoretical reference utilized was centered on the perspective of the ecological context of human development. A qualitative m...

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    authors: Roque EM,Ferriani Md,Silva MA

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  • [The concept of communicative action: a contribution to nursing consultation].

    abstract::Nurses often adopt a mechanist view, perceiving the individual from a biological standpoint and giving little attention to psychological, historical and cultural aspects. This evidences the need for a more humane approach, in which the communication between nurses and health service users can be achieved with more com...

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    authors: Machado MM,Leitão Gda C,de Holanda FU

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  • Factors associated with smoking in pregnancy.

    abstract::The aim of this cross-sectional study was to identify factors related to smoking during pregnancy. The sample included 267 puerperae hospitalized in the maternity unit of a university hospital in Porto Alegre/RS. The data were collected through a self-applied instrument and statistically analyzed. The majority of the ...

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    authors: da Motta Gde C,Echer IC,Lucena Ade F

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