Circulating ghrelin levels as function of gender, pubertal status and adiposity in childhood.


:Ghrelin, a natural GH secretagogue, exerts remarkable endocrine and non-endocrine activities such as orexigenic effect and modulation of the endocrine and metabolic response to variations in energy balance. Ghrelin levels have been reported to be negatively associated to insulin secretion, enhanced in anorexia and reduced in obesity. Ghrelin levels in childhood have never been evaluated. We measured morning ghrelin levels after overnight fasting in 29 healthy lean children (NC) and in 36 obese children (OBC). The results were compared with those recorded twice in 3 different sessions in healthy lean adults (NA). In NA ghrelin levels showed good within-subject reproducibility without gender-related differences. Ghrelin levels in NC [(median; 25 degrees -75 degrees centile): 426.0; 183.0-618.0 pg/ml] were similar to those in NA (380.5; 257.7-551.7 pg/ml). Ghrelin levels in OBC (229.5; 162.5-339.5 pg/ml) were lower (p<0.03) than in NC (426.0; 183.0-618.0 pg/ml). Both in NC and in OBC, ghrelin levels were independent of gender and pubertal status. In all children, ghrelin levels were negatively associated (p<0.05) to weight excess (r=-0.24), insulin (r=-0.28) and IGF-I (r=-0.4) levels. In conclusion, these findings demonstrate that morning ghrelin levels after overnight fasting show good within-subject reproducibility, and are similar in both sexes and do not vary from childhood to adulthood. In childhood, circulating ghrelin levels are reduced in obese subjects being negatively correlated to overweight and insulin secretion.


J Endocrinol Invest


Bellone S,Rapa A,Vivenza D,Castellino N,Petri A,Bellone J,Me E,Broglio F,Prodam F,Ghigo E,Bona G





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    abstract::According to recent studies showing the presence of estrogens receptors (ERs) in the human female lower urinary tract, we performed ER and progesterone receptor (PR) assays in fresh frozen and paraffin embedded biopsies taken from the urinary bladder. Fourteen females undergoing endoscopy during staging for gynecologi...

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  • Glycometabolic control in acromegalic patients with diabetes: a study of the effects of different treatments for growth hormone excess and for hyperglycemia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Diabetes mellitus is frequently observed in patients with acromegaly. Current therapies for acromegaly may impact glucose regulation, influencing insulin sensitivity and secretion. The question whether these therapies modify control and progression of diabetes once present is still open. AIM:Aim of our stud...

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  • Macroprolactinoma associated with Cushing's disease, successfully treated with cabergoline.

    abstract::Multiple pituitary hormone hypersecretions have already been described, but the co-occurrence of PRL and ACTH excess is very rare. To our knowledge, medical treatment with cabergoline only, avoiding pituitary surgery and radiotherapy in this type of tumor has never been reported before. This case report deals with a 3...

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