Micropuncture comparison of nephron function during acute and chronic ADH excess in the rat.


:1. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of acute versus chronic ADH administration on the handling of sodium, potassium and water by the nephron. Simultaneous clearance and free-flow micropuncture experiments were performed on rats, infused with hypotonic Ringer solution, following either 1-3 h ('acute') or 10-12 days ('chronic') of continuous treatment with arginine vasopressin, 50 mU/h. A third group of animals receiving no exogenous ADH acted as controls. 2. Chronic ADH treatment led to more profound concentration of the urine and antidiuresis than acute treatment, due to enhanced extraction of water in the renal medulla. 3. Fractional sodium excretion during this protocol was increased after 'acute' but not 'chronic' ADH treatment. The acute natriuretic response was brought about principally along the length of the proximal tubule, probably due to volume expansion and increased arterial blood pressure. 4. Fractional excretion of potassium was also increased by 'acute' ADH, but this response was due to stimulation of potassium secretion in the late distal tubule. 5. It is concluded that acute and chronic exposure to ADH have different effects on nephron function, as a result of both direct and indirect actions.


Field MJ,Seow F,Lawrence JR




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