Open antero-lateral dislocation of the elbow. A case report.


BACKGROUND:Open dislocations are infrequent, often associated with damage to the neuro vascular structures. We present an unusual case of an open antero-lateral dislocation of the elbow, which was not associated with any vascular or neural injury. CASE PRESENTATION:A 34 year female dance instructor sustained an open dislocation of her elbow. Surgical exploration was undertaken. No major neurovascular injury was present. There was almost complete disruption of all the muscular and ligamentous attachments to the distal humerus and the proximal radius and ulna, which were not formally repaired during surgery. The elbow was found to be very unstable, and was placed in a back slab. The functional recovery was complete in about six months, the patient regaining full range of elbow movement. Elbow dislocations without associate fractures are adequately treated by manipulation and reduction, in spite of the almost complete disruption of the soft tissues around the joint.


Alonso JA,Roy BR,Shaw DL





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    abstract:BACKGROUND:While there is growing evidence for the efficacy of SM to treat LBP, little is known on the mechanisms and physiologic effects of these treatments. Accordingly, the purpose of this study was to determine whether SM alters the amplitude of the motor evoked potential (MEP) or the short-latency stretch reflex o...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Western Ontario Meniscal Evaluation Tool (WOMET) is the only questionnaire available to assess quality of life in patients with isolated meniscal injuries. The aims of this study were to prepare the Persian version of the WOMET (PWOMET) and validate it in Iranian patients with isolated meniscal tears. M...

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