Self-perceived factors associated with smoking cessation among primary health care nurses: a qualitative study.


:The aim of this work was to characterize the views of nurses about factors modulating smoking cessation. Results of this study will allow us to design helping interventions with the maximum specificity for nurses. A qualitative study through a semi-structured interview of 15 Primary Health Care nurses who were smokers was performed. In contrast with other studies in which nurses were not aware of any particular social pressure to give up smoking, 18 months after the application of the Anti-Smoking Spanish Law, this feeling was expressed. Therefore, the main reasons for giving up smoking include that smoking in public is every day worse seen, together with a sense of shame and guilt in front of their social and family environment, especially for being a professional group dedicated to health.


Rev Lat Am Enfermagem


Bennasar Veny M,Pericas Beltrán J,González Torrente S,Segui González P,Aguiló Pons A,Tauler Riera P




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