Removal of extracerebral tissues in dual-echo magnetic resonance images via linear scale-space features.


:The location and masking of the brain and surrounding cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in two-dimensional (2D) dual-echo fast spin-echo (FSE) magnetic resonance (MR) images of the head is achieved by an automated procedure with a voxel-based computational algorithm. Linear scale-space features are derived from the short-echo, proton-density (PD)-weighted images. The second-order Gaussian derivative (the Laplacian) operator is applied at three different spatial scales as a measure of image convexity/concavity with a first-order Gaussian derivative measure (the squared gradient) at a single scale used to circumscribe cortical regions. A mask obtained from the long-echo, T2-weighted image is used to remove extracerebral components of the visual system. A three-dimensional (3D) connectivity analysis then identifies the largest connected volume as the brain. Five dual-echo fast spin-echo images acquired by repeated scanning of the same normal volunteer were used to verify reproducibility; and coronal and axial acquisitions from another normal volunteer to demonstrate the method's robustness to data collected with non-cubic voxels. Images acquired from five individuals with Alzheimer's disease are also presented to show that the algorithm can be used in cases of non-normative anatomy. Validity is affirmed by demonstrating that cerebral volumes estimated by this method for all 12 images are highly correlated (R = 0.98) with estimates obtained by an expert human operator.


Magn Reson Imaging


Suckling J,Brammer MJ,Lingford-Hughes A,Bullmore ET




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1999-02-01 00:00:00














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    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate the performance of combined integrated slice-by-slice shimming and readout-segmented EPI (irsEPI) for diffusion-weighted MR imaging (DWI) of the neck at 3Tesla. METHODS:This study was approved by the local ethics committee. An anthropometric phantom of the head/neck region incorporating compartment...

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    abstract::A new method for generating diffusion contrast in magnetic resonance imaging is presented. This technique is robust enough to allow implementation on conventional imaging systems without hardware modifications. Results from phantom measurements are reported. Qualitative contrast changes in magnetic resonance images de...

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    abstract::The objective of this study was to describe magnetic resonance (MR) findings with a 1.5T imager for hepatic parenchymal changes after proton beam radiotherapy. Thirty-two patients who received proton radiotherapy with doses of 50-87 Gy underwent MR imaging 1-75 months (mean 22 months) after the start of irradiation. A...

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