Ergonomic data of elderly people and their application in rehabilitation design.


:The population of the First World is ageing, and as it does so elderly people are becoming an increasingly significant consumer group. This process has important ramifications for the ergonomics and design professions. The demand for products that have been developed with consideration for the elderly consumer will require designers to develop new skills and ergonomists to supply new data. This paper highlights the inadequacy of current design data pertaining to the elderly. Anthropometric studies which have been carried out within the fields of ergonomics and rehabilitation are reviewed, and their usefulness to the product designer discussed. Recommendations are made regarding future needs for the collection and dissemination of further data.


Disabil Rehabil


Rogers N,Ward J,Brown R,Wright D




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  • Secondary health conditions and spinal cord injury: an uphill battle in the journey of care.

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  • Vibration perception threshold in relation to postural control and fall risk assessment in elderly.

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  • Statistical methods in epidemiology. II: A commonsense approach to sample size estimation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:It has been argued, by many, that mathematical formulae for estimating sample size are unnecessarily complex, so much so that researchers may be reluctant to seek statistical advice. METHOD:This paper reviews methods of sample size estimation arguing that two formulae (one based on comparison of proportion of ...

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  • A follow-up study of patients hospitalized after minor head injury.

    abstract::Minor head injury accounts for 95% of all head injury. In this study 62 patients, hospitalized after minor head injury, were assessed within 48 h, and invited to attend for review and retesting 3 months later. Thirty-five patients were followed up in this way and 11 more were interviewed over the telephone. There was ...

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  • Non-pharmacological interventions for restless legs syndrome: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials.

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  • Initial assessment of the StepWatch Activity Monitor™ to measure walking activity in Rett syndrome.

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  • Is there really a "golden hour" for work disability interventions? A narrative review.

    abstract::The subacute phase of low back pain has been termed as the "golden hour" to intervene to prevent work disability. This notion is based on the literature up to 2001 and is limited to back pain. In this narrative review, we examined whether the current literature indicate an optimal time for return to work (RTW) interve...

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  • A review of treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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  • Experiences of adults with high-care needs and their family members with housing and support pathways in Australia.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Many adults aged less than 65 years with high-care needs resulting from acquired disabilities are unable to access age-appropriate housing and support, and reside in residential aged care or live with family members who may struggle to navigate the disability support system. This qualitative study aimed to inve...

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  • Cancer survivors' perspectives and experiences regarding behavioral determinants of return to work and continuation of work.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Supportive interventions to enhance return to work (RTW) in cancer survivors hardly showed positive effects so far. Behavioral determinants might have to be considered in the development of interventions to achieve sustained employability. This study aimed to explore cancer survivors' perspectives and experienc...

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  • Conceptualizing how group singing may enhance quality of life with Parkinson's disease.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Abstract Purpose: Group singing could be a promising component of neurorehabilitative care. This article aims to conceptualize how group singing may enable people with Parkinson's disease (PD) to synchronize their movement patterns to musical rhythm and enhance quality of life. METHOD:Spanning the medical a...

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  • Pragmatic skills in people with HIV/AIDS.

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  • An integrated model of social environment and social context for pediatric rehabilitation.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:This article considers the conceptualization and operationalization of "social environment" and "social context" with implications for research and practice with children and youth with impairments. We first discuss social environment and social context as constructs important for understanding interaction b...

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  • Pilot study of a 4-week Pain Coping Strategies (PCS) programme for the chronic pain patient.

    abstract:PURPOSE:A 4-week Pain Coping Strategies (PCS) programme has been developed for chronic pain patients who may still be undergoing medical interventions but who would benefit from learning pain management skills. The long-term negative behaviours associated with chronic pain may be prevented by introducing pain managemen...

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