Self-reported weight and height: implications for obesity research.


BACKGROUND:Self-reported weight and height are under- and over-reported, respectively, in epidemiologic studies. This tendency, which may adversely affect study operations, has not been evaluated among subjects being enrolled into a weight-loss program. METHODS:Self-reported weight, height, and body mass index (BMI) were compared to measured values in 97 overweight or obese (BMI>27.3) women being enrolled into a randomized, controlled trial of two behavioral interventions for weight loss. The effects of demographic factors, baseline weight, baseline height, and baseline BMI on weight and height reporting were assessed. RESULTS:There was a significant difference between measured and reported weight (mean difference=-3.75 lb, p=0.0001) and height (mean difference=+0.35 in., p=0.0007). The mean difference between measured and reported BMI was -1.14 kg/m(2) (p=0.0001). Unemployed, retired, or disabled women were more likely to under-report their BMI than employed women (p=0.001). Six percent of subjects who were initially considered eligible for the study on the basis of the self-report were eventually excluded from the study because they did not meet the inclusion criterion for BMI. CONCLUSIONS:Obese women who seek weight-loss assistance tend to under-report their weight and over-report their height, suggesting that self-reported data are likely to be inaccurate. Misreporting is apparently influenced by employment and disability and has the potential to complicate recruitment of subjects for research studies.


Am J Prev Med


Nawaz H,Chan W,Abdulrahman M,Larson D,Katz DL




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  • A Randomized Trial of the Effect of E-cigarette TV Advertisements on Intentions to Use E-cigarettes.

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  • An initial assessment of the consumer demand roundtable: Results and promise.

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  • Patterns of fruit, vegetable, and milk consumption among smoking and nonsmoking female teens.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The increase in teenage smoking, and the fact that concern about body weight is given as a reason for smoking initiation by girls, suggest that food intake may be compromised in female teens who smoke. Daily consumption of a variety of foods is important due to the health-protective constituents they contain...

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  • Cigar/cigarillo surveillance: limitations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture system.

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  • Peer Workers in the Behavioral and Integrated Health Workforce: Opportunities and Future Directions.

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  • Curbing problem drinking with personalized-feedback interventions: a meta-analysis.

    abstract:CONTEXT:The effectiveness of personalized-feedback interventions to reduce problem drinking has been evaluated in several RCTs and systematic reviews. A meta-analysis was performed to examine the overall effectiveness of brief, single-session personalized-feedback interventions without therapeutic guidance. EVIDENCE A...

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  • Sedentary behavior in Dutch workers: differences between occupations and business sectors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sedentary behavior is an independent risk factor for excess body weight and other health problems. There are no published data on sitting time at work, or how this is related to occupation and sector (branch of business). No published study has shown whether extended sitting at work is compensated for by sit...

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  • Adoption and implementation of strategies for diabetes management in primary care practices.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Secondary and tertiary prevention of chronic illness is a major challenge for the United States healthcare system. Controlled studies show that interventions can enhance secondary prevention in primary care practices, but they shed little light on implementation of secondary prevention outside the experiment...

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