Raji B cells, misidentified as THP-1 cells, stimulate DC-SIGN-mediated HIV transmission.


:A number of studies examining interactions of dendritic cell (DC)-specific ICAM-3 grabbing nonintegrin (DC-SIGN) with viral pathogens have relied on monocytic transfectants as models for primary DCs. Here we show that the presumed "THP-1" monocytic cells used in these studies are instead Raji B cells. Moreover, we demonstrate that true THP-1 cells do not support DC-SIGN-mediated HIV-1 transmission, whereas human B cell lines efficiently enhance this process. These data indicate that there are features common to B cells and DCs that facilitate transmission of HIV-1 and provide new insights toward the mechanism of DC-SIGN-mediated HIV-1 transmission.






Wu L,Martin TD,Carrington M,KewalRamani VN




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2004-01-05 00:00:00
















  • Characteristics of neutralizing antibodies to adenovirus capsid proteins in human and animal sera.

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  • Common modular structure of lentivirus LTRs.

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  • Natural controlled HIV infection: preserved HIV-specific immunity despite undetectable replication competent virus.

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  • Histones as a target for influenza virus matrix protein M1.

    abstract::Matrix protein M1 purified from influenza A and B viruses has been analyzed for its ability to specifically interact with cellular proteins by immune coprecipitation and by an in vitro binding assay on nitrocellulose on PVDF membranes. When M1 was mixed with lysates of uninfected cells there was selective binding of h...


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  • Amino acid sequence analysis of bovine rotavirus B223 reveals a unique outer capsid protein VP4 and confirms a third bovine VP4 type.

    abstract::The nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of the gene 4 of bovine rotavirus strain B223 is described. The open reading frame is predicted to encode a VP4 of 772 amino acids, shorter than described for any other rotavirus strain sequenced to date. B223 VP4 shows 70 to 73% similarity to other rotavirus VP4 proteins...


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  • Selective integration of avian leukosis virus in different hematopoietic tissues.

    abstract::Hematopoietic tissues obtained from avian leukosis virus (ALV)-infected Hyline SC chickens were analyzed for the presence of integrated viral DNA sequences. Cells were prepared from bone marrow, bursa, spleen, thymus, and peripheral blood. Following the removal of erythrocytes, cellular DNAs from each of these tissues...


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  • Absence of transcriptase activity or transcription-inhibiting ability in defective interfering particles of vesicular stomatitis virus.

    abstract::Defective interfering particles of New Jersey serotype VSV were found to contain very little or no virion transcriptase activity. Furthermore no VSV transcriptase activity was observed in cells treated with cycloheximide and infected with DI. Cells infected with DI together with standard infectious virus and cyclohexi...


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