Clinicopathologic findings in patients with infantile hemiparesis and epilepsy.


:Infantile hemiparesis may be associated with significant morbidity and may have a profound impact on a child's physical and social development. There are little published data evaluating the clinicopathologic features of patients with infantile hemiparesis. The present study retrospectively examines these clinicopathologic features in a surgical series of 21 patients with infantile hemiparesis. The study group was comprised of 21 patients, 13 females and 8 males, ranging in age from 5 to 41 years (mean, 20 years) at the time of surgery. Hemiparesis involved the right side in 16 patients and the left side in 5 patients. Imaging studies identified porencephaly in 8 patients (38%), encephalomalacia in 5 patients (24%), focal cerebral atrophy in 9 patients (43%), ventricular dilatation in 6 patients (29%), and white matter hyperintensities in 4 patients (19%). Concomitant neurologic diseases included medically intractable epilepsy in all 21 patients and visual field defects in 11 patients (52%). Significant perinatal history included prematurity in 7 patients (33%) and cesarean section, forceps delivery, placental abruption, fetal distress, and prolonged rupture of membranes each in 1 patient (5%). The remainder of the patients had an uncomplicated perinatal course (43%). Twelve patients underwent functional hemispherectomy (57%), 8 patients underwent lobectomy (38%) and 1 patient underwent "cyst" resection (5%). Histological evaluation demonstrated lesional (corresponding to radiographic findings) tissue in 15 of the 21 cases (71%). Infarction, malformations due to abnormalities of cortical development (cortical dysplasia) and gliosis with microcalcifications were each found in 6 patients (29%). Infarction and a geographically distinct area of cortical dysplasia were found to coexist in 1 case. Histopathologic findings in the 6 cases in which excised tissue was considered nonlesional included gliosis in all 6 of the cases, hippocampal sclerosis in 2 cases (10%), and neuronal heterotopia in 2 cases (10%). An osteoma was identified in 1 patient. The most common pathological findings observed in our series were infarction and cortical dysplasia, although radiographically, infarct-related changes were the most evident. Hippocampal sclerosis was encountered in 2 patients, suggesting that a subset of cortical dysplasias and hippocampal sclerosis may be caused by an in utero ischemic event.


Hum Pathol


Human pathology


Prayson RA,Hannahoe BM




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