Iodixanol in intravenous urography: a comparison of iodixanol 270 mgI/ml, iodixanol 320 mgI/ml and iopamidol 300 mgI/ml (NIOPAM).


:The first European trial of iodixanol (Nycomed Imaging AS) in adult intravenous urography is reported. Iodixanol is a new non-ionic, dimeric contrast medium of low osmolality. A double-blind, randomized, three group parallel study comparing iodixanol 270 mgI/ml, iodixanol 320 mgI/ml and iopamidol 300 mgI/ml (Niopam) was undertaken. A total of 173 of 180 patients entered completed the trial. Efficacy was evaluated with regard to overall diagnostic information and pyelographic density 5 min after contrast medium administration. Efficacy was found to increase with increasing iodine concentration, with no significant difference between the three contrast media. The incidence of adverse events was low, with no significant difference between the groups. Discomfort occurred less frequently with iodixanol than with iopamidol. We conclude that iodixanol is a safe and efficacious contrast medium for use in intravenous urography.


Clin Radiol


Clinical radiology


Conroy RM,Bjartveit K,Sheppick A,Long U,Masterson J




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1994-05-01 00:00:00












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