Stationary and nonstationary correlation-frequency analysis of heterodyne mode laser light scattering: magnitude and periodicity of canine tracheal ciliary beat frequency in vivo.


:Stationary and nonstationary correlation-frequency analysis of heterodyne laser light scattering were utilized to make automated, on-line, objective measurements of tracheal ciliary beat frequency (CBF) in intact, anesthetized canines. The stationary correlation-frequency analysis laser light-scattering technique was used to assess the magnitude of the CBF stimulatory responses induced by aerosolized 10(-5) M fenoterol (sympathomimetic), and 10(-8) M and 10(-6) M methacholine (parasympathomimetic) delivered to the whole lungs of eight barbiturate-anesthetized beagles. The nonstationary correlation-frequency analysis laser light-scattering technique was used to measure the effect on tracheal CBF of increasing the cytosolic calcium ion concentration with a calcium ionophore, A23187. Aerosolized A23187 was delivered to the isolated tracheal lumens of eight beagle dogs in cumulative doses ranging from 10(-9)M to 10(-6) M. Administration of the ionophore synchronized the CBF with a period of 5.3 min. Dose dependencies were observed in both the time to the peak CBF stimulation and the magnitude of the stimulatory response. The magnitude of CBF stimulation was inhibited by prior administration of aerosolized nifedipine (2 mg/ml), a voltage-operated calcium channel blocker. The A23187-induced modulation period of tracheal CBF, was unchanged by nifedipine. These are the first data to demonstrate that the magnitude and periodicity of CBF are two independent coupled processes. The cooperativity of these two processes could be determined in the effectiveness of mucociliary transport.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Chandra T,Yeates DB,Miller IF,Wong LB




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1994-03-01 00:00:00




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  • Effect of fluorine substitution on the interaction of lipophilic ions with the plasma membrane of mammalian cells.

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  • A modified cable formalism for modeling neuronal membranes at high frequencies.

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  • The thermodynamics of general anesthesia.

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  • Myosin cross-bridge kinetics and the mechanism of catch.

    abstract::Catch force in molluscan smooth muscle requires little, if any, energy input and is controlled by the phosphorylation state of the thick filament-associated mini-titin, twitchin. The kinetic parameters of myosin cross-bridge turnover in permeabilized catch muscle, and how they are potentially modified by the catch mec...

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  • Activation of skinned trabeculae of the guinea pig induced by laser photolysis of caged ATP.

    abstract::The kinetics of force production in chemically skinned trabeculae from the guinea pig were studied by laser photolysis of caged ATP in the presence of Ca2+. Preincubation of the tissue during rigor with the enzyme apyrase was used to reduce the population of MgADP-bound cross-bridges (Martin and Barsotti, 1994). In un...

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  • K-Ras4B Remains Monomeric on Membranes over a Wide Range of Surface Densities and Lipid Compositions.

    abstract::Ras is a membrane-anchored signaling protein that serves as a hub for many signaling pathways and also plays a prominent role in cancer. The intrinsic behavior of Ras on the membrane has captivated the biophysics community in recent years, especially the possibility that it may form dimers. In this article, we describ...

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