[A new species of wild mice on the Island of Cyprus].


:A mitochondrial and nuclear gene analysis allowed us to precise the taxonomical position of the two sympatric species of mice known to be present on Cyprus. One of them is the commensal house mouse M. m. domesticus, and the other revealed to be a new taxon that is a sister species of M. spicilegus and M. macedonicus. The new species is equidistant from each of these, the divergence dating around 0.5-1 Myr. Its origin either results from an ancient accidental colonisation of the island or from a recent transportation by the first epipalaeolithic settlers. In this last eventuality, the new species would also exist somewhere else in Asia Minor.


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Bonhomme F,Orth A,Cucchi T,Hadjisterkotis E,Vigne JD,Auffray JC




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  • Sexual selection: Another Darwinian process.

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  • Count data, detection probabilities, and the demography, dynamics, distribution, and decline of amphibians.

    abstract::The evidence for amphibian population declines is based on count data that were not adjusted for detection probabilities. Such data are not reliable even when collected using standard methods. The formula C = Np (where C is a count, N the true parameter value, and p is a detection probability) relates count data to de...

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  • Hyperbolic symmetry breaking and its role in the establishment of the body plan of vertebrates.

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  • A glimpse of lignicolous marine fungi occurring in coastal water bodies of Tamil Nadu (India).

    abstract::In the present investigation, a total of 51 marine fungi were obtained from wood samples collected from four locations of Tamil Nadu (Tuthukudi, Chennai, Kanyakumari and Pichavaram), India. Out of these 51, 28 were ascomycetes, one was basidiomycete and 22 were mitosporic fungi. Maximum fungal diversity was encountere...

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