The presence of psychiatric disorders reduces the likelihood of neurologic disease among referrals to a neurology clinic.


OBJECTIVES:This study aims to explore the prevalence and impact of psychiatric disorders on the likelihood of an organic, neurological explanation for symptoms among neurology referrals. METHODS:Consecutive new adult neurology referrals were screened for psychiatric disorders (PRIME-MD) prior to evaluation by neurologists, blinded to these results. Diagnoses were stratified into three categories: no neurological diagnosis, neurological-headache, and neurological-nonheadache. RESULTS:Of 235 patients enrolled, 79 (34%) received no neurological diagnosis, 54 (23%) headache and 102 (43%) a neurological diagnosis. Overall, 39% had an underlying psychiatric disorder. Patients with psychiatric disorders were less likely to have a neurological diagnosis (RR: 0.66, 95% CI: 0.48-0.90): 25% of patients with a neurological diagnosis had an underlying psychiatric disorder, compared to 43% among those with no diagnosis and 57% among those with headaches. CONCLUSION:Psychiatric disorders are common among neurology referrals, particularly those with headaches and are associated with a decreased likelihood of an underlying neurological process.


J Psychosom Res


Ekstrand JR,O'Malley PG,Labutta RJ,Jackson JL




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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the psychometric properties of the Type D Scale (DS14) in mainland China. METHODS:One hundred and seventy-eight coronary heart disease (CHD) patients and 376 healthy controls were recruited. They completed the Chinese version of the DS14, the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, the Positive Affect ...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) face unique challenges with regard to the attainment and maintenance of social support. Although social support has been shown to improve treatment outcomes in other patient-populations, research on social support in adults with CF is limited. In fact, no studies have examined...

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  • Systematic approaches to the prevention and management of patients with delirium.

    abstract::Delirium is a common complication of acute illness in older people. Earlier and more reliable detection could be achieved by greater routine cognitive testing in older people. Research evidence suggests that episodes of delirium and duration of delirium could be reduced by about one third if systems of care that prior...

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