Follow-up of a controlled trial of domiciliary stroke rehabilitation (DOMINO Study).


:The DOMINO study compared domiciliary and hospital-based rehabilitation services for stroke patients after discharge from hospital, stratified by the hospital ward at discharge. No difference between the services had been found at 6 months, but home therapy was better than outpatient department therapy at improving household ability and leisure activity in the patients discharged from the Stroke Unit (SU), and attendance at a day hospital may have been better than a domiciliary service at preventing death or institutionalization for patients discharged from Health Care of the Elderly (HCE) wards. We report the follow-up of the patients between 6 months and 1 year after discharge, during which time few patients received further treatment and little change in health or function occurred. Over this period the benefits of domiciliary rehabilitation in the SU group were lost, largely because the patients who had been treated in outpatient departments continued to improve. Between 6 months and 1 year the numbers of HCE patients in the two treatment groups who died or were institutionalized were similar, but the advantage of day hospital attendance was still evident at 1 year.


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  • The association of visual field deficits and visuo-spatial neglect in acute right-hemisphere stroke patients.

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  • Transcatheter aortic valve implantation: restoring the qualities of life in old age.

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  • Eating alone and depression in older men and women by cohabitation status: The JAGES longitudinal survey.

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  • Estimating total Barthel scores from just three items: the European Stroke Database 'minimum dataset' for assessing functional status at discharge from hospital.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The European Stroke Database (ESDB) Project aims to develop a 'common clinical language' for stroke care by agreeing on terminology, definitions and clinical assessments. Each area of stroke assessment has a 'minimum dataset', which can be collected routinely and more detailed information can be added for pa...

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  • New horizons in fracture risk assessment.

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  • Unexpected paracetamol (acetaminophen) hepatotoxicity at standard dosage in two older patients: time to rethink 1 g four times daily?

    abstract::We present two cases of acute hepatotoxicity associated with elevated paracetamol (acetaminophen) levels in older patients. Both patients were receiving a standard European dose of oral paracetamol (2 × 500 mg QDS) with no risk factors for slowed metabolism (weight <50 kg, interacting medications, hepatic enzyme induc...

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  • Public knowledge and understanding of dementia-evidence from a national survey in Ireland.

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  • Confirming long-stay status.

    abstract::This paper discusses an assessment procedure for the formal identification of patients requiring long-stay geriatric care. It was introduced immediately prior to the reorganization of geriatric in-patient care at St Pancras Hospital which saw the abolition of mixed wards of acute, rehabilitation, and long-stay patient...

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  • Reactive stepping behaviour in response to forward loss of balance predicts future falls in community-dwelling older adults.

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  • Does vitamin D stop inpatients falling? A randomised controlled trial.

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  • A prediction model for one- and three-year mortality in dementia: results from a nationwide hospital-based cohort of 50,993 patients in the Netherlands.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to develop a model to predict one- and three-year mortality in patients with dementia attending a hospital, through hospital admission or day/memory clinic. DESIGN:we constructed a cohort of dementia patients through data linkage of three Dutch national registers: the hospital discharge register (HDR), the p...

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  • Ageism in the management of lung cancer.

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  • Preparation to care for confused older patients in general hospitals: a study of UK health professionals.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE:in the UK, two-thirds of patients in general hospitals are older than 70, of whom half have dementia or delirium or both. Our objective was to explore doctors, nurses and allied health professionals' perceptions of their preparation to care for confused older patients on general hospital wards....

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  • Medical therapy for the overactive bladder in the elderly.

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  • Medication management at home: medication-related risk factors associated with poor health outcomes.

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  • The effect of a vinyl floor surface and a carpeted floor surface upon walking in elderly hospital in-patients.

    abstract::Fifty-eight elderly hospital patients walked along a 10-m length of carpeted corridor and a 10-m length of vinyl-tiled corridor. Gait speed and step length were significantly greater on the carpeted than on the vinyl surface. ...

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  • Persistent pain is a risk factor for frailty: a systematic review and meta-analysis from prospective longitudinal studies.

    abstract:Background:pain is prevalent in frail older adults; however, the association of pain and frailty has not been evaluated yet by a systematic assessment of prospective longitudinal studies. Objective:we aimed to assess the association of persistent pain as a risk factor for frailty incidence, using data from longitudina...

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  • Duodenal ulcer disease in the elderly: a retrospective study.

    abstract::A retrospective study was performed of 163 patients aged 65 years and over with a diagnosis of duodenal ulceration admitted to one Health District over a period of six years. Eighty per cent of the patients were admitted with acute complications, 50% bled and 30% were perforated. A large proportion of these patients w...

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  • A modelling-based economic evaluation of primary-care-based fall-risk screening followed by fall-prevention intervention: a cohort-based Markov model stratified by older age groups.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:fall-risk assessment with fall-prevention intervention referral for at-risk groups to avoid falls could be cost-effective from a care-payer perspective. AIMS:to model the cost-effectiveness of a fall-risk assessment (QTUG compared to TUG) with referral to one of four fall-prevention interventions (Otago, Fa...

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  • Slicing the health service cake: the Islington study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Little is known about the factors that are associated with receipt of care in older people. This study aims to describe the pattern and predictors of service usage, by a representative sample of people aged 65 and over. METHOD:We assessed psychiatric and physical morbidity, formal and informal care and pres...

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  • A prospective study of elderly general surgical patients: II. Post-operative complications.

    abstract::A prospective study was carried out on 288 general surgical patients aged 65 years and over. Over 40% of patients suffered no post-operative complication. The commonest post-operative problem was respiratory, with 17% of patients having simple atelectasis, 12% acute bronchitis and 10% pneumonia. Six per cent of patien...

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  • Secrets and lies: the dilemma of disclosing the diagnosis to an adult with dementia.

    abstract::Guidelines state that doctors should reveal the diagnosis to the carer and the person with dementia. Carers may, however, not wish the diagnosis to be disclosed. We investigated carer and patient characteristics associated with the wish for disclosure. Fifty-four per cent of 100 carers wished the diagnosis to be revea...

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  • Geriatric medicine in Sweden: a study of the organisation, staffing and care production in 2000-2001.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:the organisation of long-term medicine and geriatric medicine has undergone many changes during the last 15 years. The aim of this study is to gain an overall perspective of the present organisation of geriatric medicine in Sweden. DESIGN:questionnaire survey. METHODS:The Swedish Society for Geriatric Medic...

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  • Cardiorespiratory fitness and brain volumes in men and women in the FINGER study.

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  • Dementia in resuscitation policy: a prospective study of a psychogeriatric ward in a Dutch general teaching hospital.

    abstract::Resuscitation decisions during the first 6 weeks were analysed for 97 admissions to a psychogeriatric ward of a general teaching hospital. Seventy-seven patients (79%) had a written 'do not resuscitate' (DNR) order on admission and 74 patients (875) had a written DNR order after 6 weeks. Morbidity was assessed with a ...

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  • A longitudinal study of knee pain in older men: Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:chronic knee pain is still considered a fairly benign disease by many, an 'unavoidable' consequence of ageing. This passive acceptance may be unnecessarily exposing older people to disability and serious co-morbidity. The aim of this study was to determine the disease burden associated with chronic knee pain...

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  • The prevalence of faecal incontinence in older people living at home.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:faecal incontinence affects quality of life and causes caregiver strain. Patients are often reluctant to seek help because of embarrassment and perceived lack of effective treatment. Persisting faecal soiling may lead to unwanted and premature institutionalization. OBJECTIVE:to ascertain the prevalence of f...

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