Are the configuration and neck morphology of experimental aneurysms predictable? A technical approach.


:Aneurysm configuration and neck morphology are important factors in the decision for cerebral aneurysm therapy, i.e., clipping versus coiling. The aim of our study was to create various aneurysm configurations in a predictable and reproducible way in an animal model. In our recently proposed endovascular approach to produce bifurcation aneurysms in the rabbit, the right common carotid artery (CCA) is surgically exposed and distally ligated, and a sheath is advanced retrogradely into the CCA, the base of which is proximally occluded using a Fogarty balloon. Subsequently, elastase is injected via a microcatheter that is placed directly distal to the balloon and allowed to incubate for 20 min. After removal of the sheath, saccular aneurysms begin to form within 2 weeks. For greater variability in aneurysm size and neck morphology, we modified two parameters of this formerly established elastase-induced aneurysm model--the distance between the balloon and sheath and the level of balloon position--before the elastase was endoluminally incubated in 15 rabbits. Three weeks after aneurysm induction, the size and configuration of the aneurysms were controlled using DSA. Our results confirm that balloon occlusion in the brachiocephalic trunk results in broad-based aneurysms, whereas balloon occlusion in the CCA gives rise to circumscribed aneurysm necks. By increasing the distance between the balloon and sheath, the rabbits developed significantly larger aneurysms. The balloon-sheath distance and the level of balloon occlusion proved to be parameters whose modifications result in predictable and reproducible aneurysm variants that can be used for the testing of endovascular devices.






Thiex R,Möller-Hartmann W,Hans FJ,Scherer K,Krings T




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2004-07-01 00:00:00












  • Contrast enhancement of cerebral infarcts. Incidence and clinical value in different states of cerebral infarction.

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    abstract::In the article "Magnetic resonance imaging features of the superior cervical ganglion and expected changes after radiation therapy to the head and neck in a long-term follow-up", one of the author names, K Chokkappan, was spelled incorrectly. ...


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    abstract::Myelographic flexion-extension studies were performed in four groups of 10 patients each, with (A) normal myelogram; (B) bilateral nerve root compression at L4-L5; (C) unilateral nerve root compression at L4-L5 and (D) nerve root compression at L5-S1. The aim of the investigation was to assess the role of spinal steno...


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