Geometric studies on variable radius spiral cone-beam scanning.


:The goal is to perform geometric studies on cone-beam CT scanning along a three-dimensional (3D) spiral of variable radius. First, the background for variable radius spiral cone-beam scanning is given in the context of electron-beam CT/micro-CT. Then, necessary and sufficient conditions are proved for existence and uniqueness of PI lines inside the variable radius 3D spiral. These results are necessary steps toward exact cone-beam reconstruction from a 3D spiral scan of variable radius, adapting Katsevich's formula for the standard helical cone-beam scanning. It is shown in the paper that when the longitudinally projected planar spiral is not always convex toward the origin, the PI line may not be unique in the envelope defined by the tangents of the spiral. This situation can be avoided by using planar spirals whose curvatures are always positive. Using such a spiral, a longitudinally homogeneous region inside the corresponding 3D spiral is constructed in which any point is passed by one and only one PI line, provided the angle omega between planar spiral's tangent and radius is bounded by [omega - 90 degrees] < or = < epsilon for some positive epsilon < or = 32.48 degrees. If the radius varies monotonically, this region is larger and one may allow epsilon < or = 51.85 degrees. Examples for 3D spirals based on logarithmic and Archimedean spirals are given. The corresponding generalized Tam-Danielsson detection windows are also formulated.


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Medical physics


Yea Y,Zhu J,Wang G




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  • SU-E-T-382: An Analysis of VMAT Monthly Quality Assurance.

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  • Development and validation of a measurement-based source model for kilovoltage cone-beam CT Monte Carlo dosimetry simulations.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this study is to adapt an equivalent source model originally developed for conventional CT Monte Carlo dose quantification to the radiation oncology context and validate its application for evaluating concomitant dose incurred by a kilovoltage (kV) cone-beam CT (CBCT) system integrated into a lin...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a novel system for patient-specific combined optimization of couch, collimator, and gantry angles for use in volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) treatment planning. The system was designed to produce highly compact dose distributions by extensively sampling the 4π space. Automated fixed couch tra...

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  • A mobile isocentric C-arm for intraoperative cone-beam CT: Technical assessment of dose and 3D imaging performance.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To characterize the radiation dose and three-dimensional (3D) imaging performance of a recently developed mobile, isocentric C-arm equipped with a flat-panel detector (FPD) for intraoperative cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) (Cios Spin 3D, Siemens Healthineers) and to identify potential improvements in 3D i...

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  • Comparison of radiograph-based texture analysis and bone mineral density with three-dimensional microarchitecture of trabecular bone.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Hip fracture is a serious health problem and textural methods are being developed to assess bone quality. The authors aimed to perform textural analysis at femur on high-resolution digital radiographs compared to three-dimensional (3D) microarchitecture comparatively to bone mineral density. METHODS:Sixteen ca...

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