The role of radiation therapy in the multidisciplinary management of recurrent and metastatic breast cancer.


:Carcinoma of the breast is a disease that is associated with 10-year recurrence rates of 25% in operable patients with no spread to the axillary nodes and 75% in patients in whom the tumor has extended to the axillary nodes. Locoregional recurrence rates of close to 50% have been reported in patients with Stage III disease. Adjuvant prophylactic postoperative irradiation can reduce locoregional recurrences to less than 10%. When locoregional recurrence occurs after mastectomy, therapeutic irradiation is required. It can achieve tumor control in at least 50% of cases. The best conditions exist when a surgical procedure can achieve gross removal of the recurrent tumor before irradiation and when the fields of irradiation encompass the chest wall and pertinent lymph node areas. The required dose of radiation is lower after excision of the tumor, and the chances of local tumor control are higher. The dose of radiation must be 4500-5000 cGy (fractions of 180-200 cGy) to the subclinical disease and a boost of 1000-1500 cGy added to the known tumor areas. Distant metastatic manifestations must be dealt with for palliative purposes, except in the case of isolated supraclavicular metastasis, where radical irradiation can achieve cure. The need exists for a definition of the role of systemic therapy for locoregional recurrence, and for the development of the optimal integration of systemic chemotherapy and local radiotherapy in patients with locoregional or distant breast cancer recurrences.






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  • No evidence of overweight in long-term survivors of childhood cancer after glucocorticoid treatment.

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  • Loss of heterozygosity and genomic instability in synchronous endometrioid tumors of the ovary and endometrium.

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  • Infiltration of dendritic cells in relation to tumor invasion and lymph node metastasis in human gastric cancer.

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  • Progress report of a randomized trial comparing long-term survival and late toxicity of concurrent chemoradiotherapy with adjuvant chemotherapy versus radiotherapy alone in patients with stage III to IVB nasopharyngeal carcinoma from endemic regions of Ch

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  • A different pattern of cytotoxic T lymphocyte recognition against primary and metastatic tumor cells in a patient with nonsmall cell lung carcinoma.

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  • Plasma sex hormone binding globulin in patients with prostatic carcinoma.

    abstract::The concentrations of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were measured in the plasma of 56 men, who were 47 to 85 years of age, by time-resolved immunofluorometric assay with a monoclonal antibody. Twenty-five of the men had untreated carcinoma of the prostate and 17 had untreated prostatic hyperplasia. There were 14...


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  • Characterization of cancer cell dissociation factor in a highly invasive pancreatic cancer cell line.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Two pancreatic cancer cell lines, the highly invasive and metastatic cell line PC-1.0 and the weakly invasive and rarely metastatic cell line PC-1, were established from a pancreatic ductal carcinoma induced by N-nitrosobis (2-oxopropyl) amine in a Syrian golden hamster. METHODS:The cancer cell dissociation...


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  • Multifocal occurrence of gastric carcinoma in patients with a family history of gastric carcinoma.

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  • Primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the aorta.

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  • Telomere length and genetic analyses in population-based studies of endometrial cancer risk.

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  • Cytotoxic and cytostatic effects of the streptococcal preparation OK-432 and its subcellular fractions on human ovarian tumor cells.

    abstract::Previous studies have indicated that OK-432 is a potent biologic response modifier (BRM) and that it augments immune responses to tumor cells. We studied the direct effect of OK-432 on tumor cells. Established and freshly derived human ovarian carcinoma lines were examined for their susceptibility to OK-432 or its sub...


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  • Comparability of prostate trials.

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  • Cytologic diagnosis of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women: lessons learned from human Papillomavirus DNA testing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The authors have noted that in cervical cytology specimens from perimenopausal and postmenopausal women, the diagnosis of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASC-US), as defined in the Bethesda system, is often not associated with a clinically evident lesion on follow-up. Reflex human papil...


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  • Combined treatment with buserelin and cyproterone acetate in metastatic male breast cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Male breast cancer (MBC) is considered an androgen-dependent tumor, and as in prostatic cancer, responses have been reported with use of antiandrogens or gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogs. Thus, it is reasonable to postulate that better results could be achieved by combining these two agents. METHODS:E...


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  • Contrast-enhancing tumor growth dynamics of preoperative, treatment-naive human glioblastoma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Little is known about the natural growth characteristics of untreated glioblastoma before surgical or therapeutic intervention, because patients are rapidly treated after preliminary radiographic diagnosis. Understanding the growth characteristics of uninhibited human glioblastoma may be useful for character...


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  • Importance of quality-of-life priorities and preferences surrounding treatment decision making in patients with cancer and oncology clinicians.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Shared decision-making (SDM) occurs when a patient partners with their oncologist to integrate personal preferences and values into treatment decisions. A key component of SDM is the elicitation of patient preferences and values, yet little is known about how and when these are elicited, communicated, priori...


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  • Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in childhood and adolescence: a single-institution experience with combined therapy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A high cure rate may be attained for locally advanced, undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in children, provided that a combined modality of treatment is employed. Both local and systemic therapies are necessary. Results at a single pediatric institution were analyzed. METHODS:From November 1988...


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  • In vivo metabolism of childhood posterior fossa tumors and primitive neuroectodermal tumors before and after treatment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite an increasing interest in the clinical application of positron emission tomography (PET) in tumors of the adult patient as a diagnostic and prognostic tool, only a few studies have been concerned with the usefulness of PET with [18F]2-deoxy-2-fluoro-D-glucose (FDG) in childhood tumors. METHODS:Fifte...


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  • A human liposarcoma cell line producing hyaluronic acid.

    abstract::A human liposarcoma cell line COLO 222, derived from a primary tumor in a 62-year-old male, elaborates hyaluronic acid. COLO 222 is characterized on the basis of histochemical, ultramorphological, and cytogenetic properties, along with isozyme phenotype and cell products. A chromosome mode of 53 predominates and uniqu...


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  • Brain metastases from esophageal carcinoma: natural history, prognostic factors, and outcome.

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  • Patterns and risk factors associated with aromatase inhibitor-related arthralgia among breast cancer survivors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Arthralgia is common in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors (BCS) who are receiving aromatase inhibitors (AIs). The objective of this study was to evaluate the perceived onset, characteristics, and risk factors for AI-related arthralgia (AIA). METHODS:In a cross-sectional survey of postmenopausal BCS who...


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  • Impact of state-specific Medicaid reimbursement and eligibility policies on receipt of cancer screening.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although state Medicaid programs cover cancer screening, Medicaid beneficiaries are less likely to be screened for cancer and are more likely to present with tumors of an advanced stage than are those with other insurance. The current study was performed to determine whether state Medicaid eligibility and re...


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  • Prognosis for primary retroperitoneal sarcoma survivors: a conditional survival analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The AJCC staging system and post-operative nomograms use patient and tumor characteristics to provide prognostic estimates after resection of retroperitoneal sarcoma (RPS). While these variables help to predict survival at the time of diagnosis and resection, the applicability of these prognostic factors to ...


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    authors: Abbott AM,Habermann EB,Parsons HM,Tuttle T,Al-Refaie W

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  • Changes in guinea pig plasma cyclic nucleotide levels during the development of a transplantable leukemia.

    abstract::Plasma levels of cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP were determined in 35 guinea pigs for up to 9 days following subcutaneous passage of L2C leukemia cells. Twenty guinea pigs into which normal syngeneic guinea pig thymocytes were passaged served as controls. Cyclic AMP levels in plasma showed little change and were only eleva...


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    authors: Wood PJ,Pao G,Cooper A

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  • Randomized study of 5-FU and CCNU in pancreatic cancer: report of the Veterans Administration Surgical Adjuvant Cancer Chemotherapy Study Group.

    abstract::Between the years 1973-1977, 152 male patients from 28 participating Veterans Hospitals with histologically proven nonresectable cancer of the pancreas were randomized in a two-arm study. The treated group was to receive combination chemotherapy with 5-FU and CCNU, and the controls were to receive no chemotherapy. Bot...


    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Frey C,Twomey P,Keehn R,Elliott D,Higgins G

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