Role of neuron soma firing in the restoration of neurotensin store in sympathetic preganglionic neuron terminals after stimulus-evoked depletion.


:We have previously shown that prolonged preganglionic stimulation (e.g. 40 Hz 20 min) depletes the neurotensin (NT) store of preganglionic axon terminals in the stellate ganglion (SG) of the cat and that replenishment of the store requires several days. The present study investigates the mechanisms which control turnover of the NT store in sympathetic preganglionic axon terminals. NT content of the SG and of the preganglionic axons which innervate it was determined by radioimmunoassay in the anesthetized cat. This study shows that, during the 24 h after 40-Hz 20-min stimulation of the preganglionic input to the SG, the rate of NT accumulation proximal to a ligature on the stimulated input is three times that observed in the control. The poststimulus increase in NT accumulation rate is prevented by treatment with protein-synthesis inhibitors. When the centripetal propagation of action potentials from the stimulus site on the preganglionic axons is prevented by a tetrodotoxin block applied locally during the stimulation period, the poststimulus increase in NT accumulation rate and the replenishment of the store are both prevented. These data suggest that the level of activity of the neuron regulates NT supply to the axon terminals, presumably by regulating NT synthesis. Thus, in the sympathetic preganglionic neuron, the action potential provides a mechanism for matching peptide synthesis to release.


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Brain research


Maher E,Bachoo B,Polosa C




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