Interactions of mycobacterial glycopeptidolipids with membranes: influence of carbohydrate on induced alterations.


:Glycopeptidolipids (GPLs) are specific constituents of mycobacteria known as opportunistic pathogens. The influence of the carbohydrate moiety on GPL-induced membrane alterations was examined with GPLs bearing 1-5 sugar residues (GPL-1 to GPL-5) and a sulfated GPL (S-GPL-2). GPLs decreased the ADP/O ratio and increased controlled respiration of isolated mitochondria. The more polar GPLs were the less active, with the following order of efficiency: GPL-1 > GPL-2 > S-GPL-2 = GPL-3 = GPL-5. GPL-1 and GPL-2 increased passive permeability of liposomes to carboxyfluorescein (GPL-1 > GPL-2), while GPL-3 and GPL-5 were inactive. GPL-2 and GPL-3 decreased the transmembrane electrical potential (delta psi) in isolated mitochondria (GPL-2 > GPL-3). These results suggest that GPLs uncouple oxidative phosphorylation by increasing the passive permeability of the mitochondrial membrane to protons. Compression isotherms of GPL-2 monolayers showed that, at low surface pressure, the area per GPL-2 molecule was about 5 times that of an acyl chain: it is likely that the peptide moiety was at the air/water interface. With an increase in the surface pressure, its area decreased, down to that of a tightly packed acyl chain. It is postulated that the glycopeptidic moiety can be either at in the interface or dipping into the water.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)






Lopez-Marin LM,Quesada D,Lakhdar-Ghazal F,Tocanne JF,Lanéelle G




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1994-06-14 00:00:00












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    abstract::Fluorescein isothiocyanate derivatization of the human lactotransferrin on Lys-264 inhibits the binding of the protein of human PHA-activated lymphocytes [Legrand, D., Mazurier, J., Maes, P., Rochard, E., Montreuil, J., & Spik, G. (1991) Biochem. J. 276, 733-738], indicating that part of the receptor-binding site is l...


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    abstract::The interaction of bleomycin A2 with DNA has been examined by fluorescence spectroscopy and proton magnetic resonance techniques. Fluorescence bands observed at 353 and 405 nm in the spectrum of bleomycin were assigned to the bithiazole and 4-aminopyrimidine rings, respectively. Quenching of bithiazole fluorescence by...


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