Differential effects of lesions of the dorsomedial and dorsolateral caudate-putamen on reaction time performance in rats.


:In order to investigate the role of the dorsomedial and dorsolateral caudate-putamen (CPu) in movement initiation of rats, we examined the effects of quinolinic acid lesions (30 nmol in 1 microliter) in these striatal subregions in a simple reaction time task. Results show that lesions of the dorsomedial, but not of the dorsolateral CPu increased reaction times. These findings provide further evidence for a functional heterogenity of the CPu and demonstrate an involvement of the dorsomedial CPu in processes related to rapid initiation of responses.


Behav Brain Res


Hauber W,Schmidt WJ




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1994-02-28 00:00:00














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  • Female fear: influence of estrus cycle on behavioral response and neuronal activation.

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  • Electrolytic lesions of a discrete area within the nucleus accumbens shell attenuate the long-term expression, but not early phase, of sensitization to cocaine.

    abstract::Repeated exposure to cocaine leads to behavioral sensitization, which is the augmentation of the locomotor response to a subsequent exposure to the drug. The nucleus accumbens (NAc), a major termination site of dopaminergic neurons, is believed to be involved in behavioral sensitization and studies have demonstrated t...

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    abstract::The study of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) has been largely neglected in most experimental research on Alzheimer's disease (AD) classically focused on cognitive symptoms. The aquatic environment of the Morris water maze (MWM) implies a stressful condition for mice leading to cognitive perfor...

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  • The dorsal periaqueductal gray modulates the increased fear-like behavior exhibited by experienced rats in the elevated plus-maze.

    abstract::Elevated plus-maze (EPM) experienced rats show reduced open arms exploration in a subsequent EPM exposure, expressing the increased open arms avoidance which is characteristic of anxiety/fear-like behavior. The midbrain dorsal periaqueductal gray (dPAG) is an important integrative area of the neuroaxis able to control...

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  • Flupirtine attenuates chronic restraint stress-induced cognitive deficits and hippocampal apoptosis in male mice.

    abstract::Chronic restraint stress (CRS) causes hippocampal neurodegeneration and hippocampus-dependent cognitive deficits. Flupirtine represents neuroprotective effects and we have previously shown that flupirtine can protect against memory impairment induced by acute stress. The present study aimed to investigate whether flup...

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  • Assessment of rewarding and reinforcing properties of biperiden in conditioned place preference in rats.

    abstract::Biperiden is one of the most commonly abused anticholinergic drugs. This study assessed its motivational effects in the acquisition of conditioned place preference in rats. Biperiden neither produced place conditioning itself nor enhanced the rewarding effect of morphine. Furthermore, biperiden in combination with hal...

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  • Telemetrically recorded neuronal activity in the inferior colliculus and bordering tegmentum during vocal communication in squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus).

    abstract::In order to find out whether the inferior colliculus, in addition to its auditory decoding function, also has an auditory gating function in the sense that it treats self-produced sounds differently from external ones, we have explored the inferior colliculus and bordering tegmentum for neurones reacting differently t...

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    abstract::Previous experiments showed that destruction of the orbital prefrontal cortex (OPFC) or the nucleus accumbens core (AcbC) in rats altered choice between two delayed food reinforcers. Application of a quantitative model of inter-temporal choice suggested that lesions of either structure increased the delay-dependent de...

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  • Impaired cognitive flexibility during sleep deprivation among carriers of the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Val66Met allele.

    abstract::Accumulating evidence points to a genetic contribution to explain inter-individual vulnerability to sleep deprivation. A functional polymorphism in the BDNF gene, which causes a valine (Val) to methionine (Met) amino acid substitution at Codon 66, has been associated with cognitive impairment, particularly in populati...

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  • Methylphenidate has long-lasting metaplastic effects in the prefrontal cortex of adolescent rats.

    abstract::Methylphenidate (MPH) is widely used as a "nootropic" agent and in the treatment of disorders of attention, and has been shown to modulate synaptic plasticity in vitro. Here we present in vivo evidence that this MPH-induced metaplasticity can last long after the end of treatment. MPH (0, 0.2, 1 and 5mg/kg) was adminis...

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  • The rat retrosplenial cortex as a link for frontal functions: A lesion analysis.

    abstract::Cohorts of rats with excitotoxic retrosplenial cortex lesions were tested on four behavioural tasks sensitive to dysfunctions in prelimbic cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, or both. In this way the study tested whether retrosplenial cortex has nonspatial functions that reflect its anatomical interactions with these f...

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  • Exploration in a dark open field: a shift from directional to positional progression and a proposed model of acquiring spatial information.

    abstract::Exploration in a dark open field undergoes three progressive changes: (i) an initial phase of spending equal amounts of time in various zones of the arena changes to staying in the corners, and ultimately spending most of the time in one corner; (ii) travel paths are first circular and scattered all over the arena, bu...

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  • Genetic dissection of nicotine-related behaviour: a review of animal studies.

    abstract::Nicotine has a broad spectrum of behavioural effects. A considerable body of data has emerged indicating genetic factors regulate the behavioural effects of nicotine. Experimental genetic techniques have been invaluable in generating knowledge on the interrelationship of genetic factors and behavioural responsiveness ...

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  • A new proposal for drug conditioning with implications for drug addiction: the Pavlovian two-step from delay to trace conditioning.

    abstract::Pavlovian conditioning of drug effects is generally acknowledged to be a critical factor in the development and persistence of drug addiction. In drug conditioning the focus has essentially been on one type of Pavlovian conditioning, namely, delay conditioning in which the CS and drug UCS overlap and are temporally co...

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