Pleiotropic molecular effects of the pro-apoptotic dietary constituent flavone in human colon cancer cells identified by protein and mRNA expression profiling.


:The flavonoid flavone contained in a variety of fruits and vegetables was identified as a very potent apoptosis inducer in human colonic cancer cells. In search of the molecular targets of flavone action in HT-29 cells we analyzed changes in mRNA and protein expression levels by proteomics and oligonucleotide array technologies. Proteome analysis identified several heat-shock proteins, annexins, and cytoskeletal caspase substrates as regulated by flavone and these protein classes are known to play a role in apoptosis induction and execution. Protein kinase C-beta, which serves as an ultimate marker for colon cancer development was no longer detectable in HT-29 cells exposed to flavone. Besides proteins involved in gene regulation or detoxification pathways, proteins involved in intermediary metabolism were altered by flavone exposure and this was associated with changes in the flux of energetic substrates. Oligonucleotide arrays, using chips with around 10 000 oligonucleotides spotted, revealed numerous changes in transcript levels of genes related to signaling, transcription, cancer development but also to metabolism. In conclusion, flavone has a surprisingly broad spectrum of effects on mRNA and protein expression in a human colonic cancer cell line with clusters of targets related to its apoptosis-inducing activity and to cellular metabolism.






Herzog A,Kindermann B,Döring F,Daniel H,Wenzel U




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2004-08-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::Most of the energy that is introduced into the oceans by photosynthetic primary producers is in the form of organic matter that then sustains the rest of the food web, from micro to macro-organisms. However, it is the interactions between phototrophs and heterotrophs that are vital to maintaining the nutrient balance ...


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