Use of anti-CD40 ligand monoclonal antibody as antirejection therapy in a murine peripheral nerve allograft model.


:Monoclonal antibody directed against CD40 ligand prevents acute allograft rejection in several models of solid-organ transplantation. This study describes the use of CD40 ligand as antirejection therapy in a mouse peripheral nerve allograft model. C3H mice received 8-mm nerve isografts (n = 2) or nerve allografts from C57BL donors. Treated animals (n = 11) received anti-CD40 ligand antibody applied to the graft and by intraperitoneal injections postoperatively. At 3 weeks, nerve histology from treated animals was comparable to isografts, whereas untreated allografts demonstrated virtually no signs of regeneration. Walking-track analysis demonstrated a trend toward improved functional recovery in treated animals. In conclusion, blockade of the CD40 pathway suppresses nerve allograft rejection in mice, and facilitates regeneration comparable to isografts.






Jensen JN,Tung TH,Mackinnon SE,Brenner MJ,Hunter DA




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2004-01-01 00:00:00












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