Incidence of Norwalk virus infections during a prospective epidemiological study of drinking water-related gastrointestinal illness.


:To determine the seroprevalence of Norwalk virus and whether Norwalk virus contributed to an observed increase in illness in tap water drinkers participating in a prospective epidemiological study, sera collected during the study were examined for changes in Norwalk virus antibody titer, using a specific enzyme immunoassay. Antibodies to Norwalk virus were measured in sera collected in March, June and September 1988 and in June 1989, and antibodies were found in 79% of the individuals. Seroprevalence increased with age, being 55% (ages 9-19), 79% (20-39), 87% (40-49), 84% (50-59), and 100% (60 and older). Norwalk infections occurred in 33% of the individuals during the course of the study. The highest rate of infection (expressed as a monthly rate) was observed during the summer of 1988. These results confirm that a large number of infections owing to Norwalk viruses occur throughout the year. A previous seroconversion or a high serum titer were not always protective. Finally, there was no detectable difference in infection rate between consumers of tap water and consumers of water treated by reverse-osmosis units, suggesting that Norwalk virus infections were not responsible for the excess of gastrointestinal illness observed in tap water drinkers during this epidemiological study.


Can J Microbiol


Payment P,Franco E,Fout GS




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1994-10-01 00:00:00












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  • A tentative direct microscopic method for counting living marine bacteria.

    abstract::Yeast extract (0.025%) and nalidixic acid (0.002%) were added to seawater samples and the samples were incubated for 6 h at 20 degrees C in the dark. Under these conditions, bacterial cells did not divide but grew to form elongated cells that are easily recognized by a direct microscopic method and epifluorescent micr...

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  • Morphological modifications of cells of Clostridium pasteurianum caused by growth on sulfite.

    abstract::The morphology of Clostridium pasteurianum cells grown on 10(-2) M SO32- showed significant alteration in cell shape and the absence of the electron translucent reserve polysaccharide (amylopectin) when compared to sulfate-grown cells. At the lower sulfite concentrations (10(-3) and 10(-4)M SO32-) the cells showed the...

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  • Importance of the icmN gene in the growth of Legionella pneumophila in amoebic cells at low temperature.

    abstract::Legionella pneumophila grows in amoebae and has achieved the ability to grow at various temperatures, although the mechanisms controlling this ability remain poorly understood. The Icm/Dot type IVB secretion system is composed of more than 25 proteins and is known to be essential for intracellular growth. The role of...

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