Differential diagnosis and management of anemia in the newborn.


:Neonatal anemia is a condition with a diverse etiologic spectrum.Therefore, in order to form a focused differential diagnosis, it is important for the caregiver to have some knowledge of the more common causes of low hemoglobin and hematocrit concentrations in the neonate. Proper history taking, physical examination, and interpretation of diagnostic tests can narrow this focus and aid in establishing an accurate diagnosis and in directing the appropriate therapeutic interventions.


Pediatr Clin North Am


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  • Endocrine manifestations of critical illness in the child.

    abstract::The stress response in humans commonly includes elevations in plasma concentrations of glucocorticoids, catecholamines, glucagon, growth hormone, aldosterone, and renin, resulting in alterations in the metabolism of glucose and other energy substrates, and in increased sodium and water retention. In severe illness, tr...

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  • Malignant abdominal masses in children: quick guide to evaluation and diagnosis.

    abstract::A palpable mass in the abdomen of a child is a serious finding. In this article the authors present their single-institution experience of how these malignancies present and their distribution by age and diagnosis. The most common abdominal malignancies diagnosed in the pediatric population include neuroblastoma, Wilm...

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  • The development of normal feeding and swallowing.

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  • Advances in monitoring and management of shock.

    abstract::Early recognition and treatment of pediatric shock, regardless of cause, decreases mortality and improves outcome. In addition to the conventional parameters (eg, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, urine output, and central venous pressure), biomarkers and noninvasive methods of measuring cardiac output are availabl...

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  • Risk and resiliency factors for violence.

    abstract::Research on human resiliency in the face of adversity has gained widespread currency in the study of the developmental outcomes for children exposed to multiple risk factors. This article reviews several of these studies from a multilevel perspective, with a view to documenting their contributions and limitations and ...

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  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

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  • The sleepy child.

    abstract::Disorders of excessive sleepiness are uncommon in children. When they occur, the presentation is often consistent with the developmental age of the child and does not meet either historical or laboratory criteria determined with adults in mind. Because of these differences, the true diagnosis can be missed or inadequa...

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  • A preventive context for enuresis.

    abstract::Prevention of enuresis has not been studied directly. Positive results from a randomized clinical trial evaluating early intervention for children at risk for enuresis would establish the value of prevention and help to promote its practice. Enuresis is not a disease process, and therefore a clinical trial may never b...

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  • The Approach to the Child with Joint Complaints.

    abstract::This article focuses on creating an orderly approach to history taking, examination, and ordering appropriate investigations when caring for a child with joint complaints. It classifies complaints as those with and without pain, swelling, or fever and of short or long duration. It recommends an approach to the physica...

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  • Infections associated with pediatric sport participation.

    abstract::Infections occur in childhood and adolescent athletes just as they do in all children and adolescents. Because of the sports environment, and in some instances the sport itself, athletes can be prone to infections that will alter their athletic performance or present risks to other athletes. Recognition of the infecti...

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  • Therapies and vaccines for emerging bacterial infections: learning from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

    abstract::Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an emerging bacterial infection worldwide, and community-acquired MRSA (CA-MRSA) infection, which has increased dramatically in frequency in many areas, is of particular clinical and public health concern. CA-MRSA outbreaks and severe infections have been reported ...

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  • Skin and soft tissue injuries of the hand in children.

    abstract::Three pediatric hand injury subtypes and their management have been presented. Finger tip injuries, while often minor and self-healing in children, may require surgical repair if the nailbed is disrupted or if there has been significant skin or pad loss from the tip. The decision between local repair and skin graft or...

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  • Diabetic ketoacidosis.

    abstract::In the past decade, considerable advances have occurred in our understanding of the pathophysiology of this disorder, its metabolic sequelae, and its management, particularly with respect to continuous low-dose insulin infusion and the potential benefits of phosphate. This article reviews these advances as they pertai...

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  • Clinical Management of Food Allergy.

    abstract::Food allergies have become a growing public health concern. At present the standard of care focuses on avoidance of trigger foods, education, and treatment of symptoms following accidental ingestions. This article provides a framework for primary care physicians and allergists for the diagnosis, management, and treatm...

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  • A practical guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of neonatal infections.

    abstract::Neonatal infections continue to cause morbidity and mortality in infants. Among approximately 400,000 infants followed nationally, the incidence rates of early-onset sepsis infection within 3 days of life are 0.98 cases per 1000 live births. Newborn infants are at increased risk for infections because they have relati...

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  • Childhood brain tumors: current status of clinical trials in newly diagnosed and recurrent disease.

    abstract::Primary childhood brain tumors are the second most common form of childhood cancer. Though progress in this area has been slow, the field has evolved considerably over the past 10 years. This article focuses on new information that will influence our treatment of the more common pediatric brain tumors. ...

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  • Gastroesophageal reflux. Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

    abstract::The clinical challenge of determining the medical conditions that are associated with obvious symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux and what diagnostic tests are appropriate to define this relationship is substantial. To determine which infants may be suffering from pathologic conditions associated with subtle signs of ...

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  • Immunodeficiency Presenting as an Undiagnosed Disease.

    abstract::Although primary immunodeficiencies typically present with recurrent, chronic, or severe infections, autoimmune manifestations frequently accompany these disorders and may be the initial clinical manifestations. The presence of 2 or more autoimmune disorders, unusual severe atopic disease, or a combination of these di...

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  • Pediatric trauma. Prevention strategies.

    abstract::Injury is the most important threat to the health of children in the United States and the leading cause of death after the first year of life. Injuries must be viewed as diseases that can be prevented by using principles of epidemiology, engineering, biomechanics, and health education. Effective preventative strategi...

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  • Evaluation and management of the Chiari malformation type 1 for the primary care pediatrician.

    abstract::Diagnosis and treatment of CMI is undergoing reexamination that includes redefinition of the anatomic Chiari malformation and refinement and redefinition of the clinical syndrome. Children with SMI present with head pain of some kind, a neurologic deficit, or with signs of spinal cord dysfunction from syrinx. Some wil...

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  • Pregnancy in adolescents.

    abstract::The United States must improve its efforts to reduce teen pregnancy. We occupy an alarming position in the developed world from the standpoint of the magnitude of the pregnancy issue. While our society promotes sexuality to sell all sorts of consumer goods, it still refuses for the most part to make contraceptives fam...

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  • Emerging concepts in pediatric emergency radiology.

    abstract::Radiologic studies are a vital component in the workup and diagnosis of disease. An appropriate radiographic study will accurately rule in or rule out disease with the least possible harm. Special considerations are necessary for the imaging of children. Current trends in pediatric imaging support the increased use of...

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    authors: Baker N,Woolridge D

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  • The Pediatric Knee and Proximal Tibia.

    abstract::Pediatric knee disorders are various and range from trauma and sports injuries to chronic overuse injuries. Because pediatric patients are different from adults, management of pediatric injuries and general knee disorders is also often different. Primary treatment regimen goals focus on a return to the previous level ...

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    authors: Woernle M,Fechisin JP

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  • Supportive care in pediatric oncology: oncologic emergencies and management of fever and neutropenia.

    abstract::Advancements in the care of children with cancer have, in part, been achieved through improvements in supportive care. Situations that require prompt care can occur at the time of presentation as well as during treatment. This article discusses the approach to children with fever and neutropenia, a complication encoun...

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  • Complementary and alternative therapies in pediatric oncology.

    abstract::Evidence on the science of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in children with cancer is slowly evolving. Most parents of children with cancer want their children to receive state-of-the-art therapy, which generally includes chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Increasingly, they also want the concomitant u...

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  • Pediatric assessment of the child with developmental delay.

    abstract::With the recent mandate for early intervention services, the pediatrician is more involved than ever in the identification and evaluation of children with developmental disabilities. Developmental surveillance at routine visits and listening to parental concerns are crucial in the early diagnosis of developmental dela...

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  • Basic assessment and screening for substance abuse in the pediatrician's office.

    abstract::In summary, it is apparent that discussions on substance abuse should begin at the prenatal visit and extend through adolescence. Educational efforts and preventive strategies must be given highest priority. Signs and symptoms may be subtle, and pediatricians should have a high index of suspicion, particularly for hig...

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    authors: Fuller PG Jr,Cavanaugh RM Jr

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  • Surgical therapy for sudden cardiac death in children.

    abstract::Sudden cardiac death (SCD) in children is the result of multiple etiologies and treatment (prophylaxis) must be tailored accordingly. In children who do not have congenital heart disease, surgical therapy of SCD typically consists of implantation of an internal defibrillator, with specific attention to the small size ...

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  • Handoffs in care--can we make them safer?

    abstract::In today's complex and rapidly changing health care environments, patient harm may result if important patient information is not communicated from one health care provider to another during handoffs in care. Issues involving communication, continuity of care, and care planning are cited as a root cause in more than 8...

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  • Perinatal endocrinology: common endocrine disorders in the sick and premature newborn.

    abstract::Endocrine disorders are common in infants in the neonatal ICU. They often are associated with prematurity, low birth weight or very low birth weight, and small size for gestational age. They also frequently occur in infants who are critically ill or stressed. This article describes the most common conditions and curre...

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