Two- and three-dimensional observations of human terminal and vellus hair follicles.


:Extracted human terminal and vellus hair follicles were prepared by EDTA and examined by light and electron microscopes. These samples were morphologically well preserved and enabled us to observe 3-dimensional (3-D) views of the outer surfaces of hair follicles. Interestingly, the bulge areas of terminal and vellus hair follicles showed several morphological variations, such as knob-like swellings and villous projections, independent of hair cycle. Moreover, skirt-like structures were furnished in the small vellus hair follicles independent of hair cycle, but not terminal and large vellus hair follicles. These morphological variations of human hair follicles were confirmed to genuinely represent 3-D views by means of the conventional transverse and vertical sections of the human skin.


J Dermatol Sci


Narisawa Y,Hashimoto K,Kohda H




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1994-07-01 00:00:00










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  • Resolvin D1 attenuates imiquimod-induced mice psoriasiform dermatitis through MAPKs and NF-κB pathways.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Resolvin D1 (RvD1), a pro-resolution lipid mediator derived from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), has been described to promote several kinds of inflammatory resolution. However, the effects and anti-inflammatory mechanisms of RvD1 on psoriasis have not been previously reported. OBJECTIVE:The present study aimed...

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  • Small cutaneous wounds induce telogen to anagen transition of murine hair follicle stem cells.

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  • Spatial data analysis by epidermal Langerhans cells reveals an elegant system.

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  • Analysis of T cell receptor (TCR) BV-gene clonotypes in NC/Nga mice developing dermatitis resembling human atopic dermatitis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Our previous study showed that T cells in skin lesions of human atopic dermatitis (AD) had oligoclonal accumulation, indicating the involvement of antigen-specific immune reactions at those sites. Recently, NC/Nga mice, which develop skin lesions similar to AD, have been proposed as a model for that disease....

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  • Variable keratin polypeptide profile in human stratum corneum.

    abstract::Stratum corneum samples obtained from 46 members in three generations of seven families were analyzed for keratin pattern by gel electrophoresis. All these samples of apparently normal upper arm skin expressed the 55 kDa, 56.5 kDa, and 65 kDa keratin proteins; while only 28%, 20% and 48% of the samples expressed the 5...

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  • Analysis of antigens recognized by autoantibodies in herpes gestationis. Usefulness of immunoblotting using a fusion protein representing an extracellular domain of the 180 kD bullous pemphigoid antigen.

    abstract::Herpes gestationis (HG) is a rare pregnancy-associated disease. The aim of this study was to compare various immunohistochemical and immunobiochemical techniques with respect to their diagnostic sensitivity for HG. We studied 43 HG sera; only half of these reacted with the basement membrane zone (BMZ) with both indire...

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  • Expressional changes in the intracellular melanogenesis pathways and their possible role in the pathogenesis of vitiligo.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Main pathway in human melanocytes through which signal from the melanocortin system reaches the melanogenesis enzymes is cAMP/PKA pathway and it is modulated by Wnt and MAPK pathways. In our previous study we established significant increase of melanocortin receptor expression in unaffected skin of vitiligo ...

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  • Lyophilized aqueous based polymer matrices for transdermal delivery of captopril.

    abstract::Transdermal system(s) bearing captopril were developed using a low temperature casting method and aqueous based polymers viz., eudragit RL-100 and polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP). The developed system(s) were subjected to an in vitro characterization study. The results were compared with the transdermal systems of the sam...

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  • Dermatitis herpetiformis: close to unravelling a disease.

    abstract::Dermatitis herpetiformis is characterised by granular IgA precipitates in the papillary dermis. In contrast to other autoimmune blistering diseases, where tissue-deposited and circulating autoantibodies recognise the same target within the skin, in dermatitis herpetiformis a serum IgA reacting with a component of the ...

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  • A study of anti-carbonic anhydrase II antibodies in rheumatic autoimmune diseases.

    abstract::Autoantibodies to human carbonic anhydrase II (CAII) were screened by ELISA in 109 sera from Asian Japanese patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), primary Sjögren's syndrome (Sjs), progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) and dermatomyositis (DM). Anti-CAII antibodies were positive in 24.1% of SLE, 20.0% of pri...

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  • Glutathione in human melanoma cells. Effects of cysteine, cysteine esters and glutathione isopropyl ester.

    abstract::Thiols are of great importance for the regulation of many cellular functions including metabolism, transport and cell protection. In this study the usefulness of L-cysteine methyl and octyl esters, of N,S-diacetyl-L-cysteine methyl ester and glutathione isopropyl ester as cellular cysteine and GSH delivery systems was...

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  • Attenuation of UVA-induced damage to human keratinocytes by silymarin.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:UV radiation from sunlight is a potent environmental risk factor in skin cancer pathogenesis. UVA is the major portion of UV light reaching the earth surface ( approximately 95%) and it is reported to lead to benign and malignant tumor formation. UVA-mediated cellular damage occurs primarily through the rele...

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  • Exploring the imbalance of circulating follicular helper CD4+ T cells in sarcoidosis patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sarcoidosis is a systemic granulomatous disease characterized by the combination of Th1 and Th17 responses. Recently, several arguments have suggested a potential involvement of B cells as well as T cells in the pathogenesis of sarcoidosis. Follicular helper CD4+ T (TFH) cells are specialized in interacting ...

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  • Identification of mutations in the prostaglandin transporter gene SLCO2A1 and its phenotype-genotype correlation in Japanese patients with pachydermoperiostosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Pachydermoperiostosis (PDP) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by 3 major symptoms: pachydermia including cutis verticis gyrata (CVG), periostosis, and finger clubbing. Recently, a homozygous mutation in the gene HPGD, which encodes 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase (15-PGDH), was found to be assoc...

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  • Reduced stratum corneum acylceramides in autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis with a NIPAL4 mutation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:NIPAL4, encoding the NIPA-like domain containing 4 protein (NIPAL4), is one of the causative genes of autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis (ARCI). The physiological role of NIPAL4 and the pathogenetic mechanisms of ARCI caused by NIPAL4 mutations remain unclear. OBJECTIVE:To clarify the changes of cera...

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  • Malignant blue nevus: a report of eight cases.

    abstract::Malignant blue nevus is uncommon compared to its benign counterpart and is regarded as a rare form of malignant melanoma. We report the clinical and histological findings in eight cases. Histologically, all eight specimens showed no epidermal involvement and had contained within or were adjacent to portions of blue ne...

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  • Zinc deficiency exacerbates pressure ulcers by increasing oxidative stress and ATP in the skin.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Zinc deficiency is believed to be a predisposing factor for the development and intractable healing of pressure ulcers (PUs); however, the mechanisms of this association have not been elucidated. OBJECTIVE:Objective was to elucidate the mechanisms of the formation of severe and prolonged PUs under the zinc ...

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  • Association between collagen production and mechanical stretching in dermal extracellular matrix: in vivo effect of cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler. A randomised, placebo-controlled study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The effects of hyaluronic acid (HA) injection on tissue collagen anabolism are suggested to be related to the induction of mechanical stress, causing biochemical changes in skin physiology. OBJECTIVES:To ascertain the association between dermal mechanics modulated by a hyaluronic acid-based filler effect an...

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  • The Yucatan miniature swine as an in vivo model for screening skin depigmentation.

    abstract::The usefulness of the Yucatan miniature pig as a screen for skin dipigmenting activity by topical application was evaluated with standard compounds. This is a naturally occurring breed of swine with light brown to dark brown skin that is relatively hairless. The skin morphology, including the pattern of pigment distri...

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  • High expression of Dicer reveals a negative prognostic influence in certain subtypes of primary cutaneous T cell lymphomas.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Aberrant expression of microRNAs (miRNAs) has been implicated in oncogenesis of various tumors and primary cutaneous T cell lymphomas. Dicer, a ribonuclease III-like enzyme is essential for miRNA processing. OBJECTIVE:We initiated a retrospective study to characterize the alterations in the expression profi...

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  • Therapeutic effects of streptococcal preparation OK-432 on atopic dermatitis-like lesions in NC/Nga mice: possible shift from a Th2- to Th1-predominance.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The inducement of Th1 cell-mediated immune response, possibly brought about through bacterial stimulation, may serve to control atopic disorders such as atopic dermatitis (AD). The streptococcal preparation, OK-432, has been shown a potent Th1 inducer through the action of IL-12. NC/Nga mice under ordinary c...

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  • Increased SS bonds in chronic solar elastosis: a study with N-(7-dimethylamino-4-methyl-3-coumarinyl) maleimide (DACM) stain.

    abstract::We have studied the distribution of SH groups and SS linkages in solar elastosis, in comparison with that in aged and juvenile sun-unexposed skin, using N-(7-dimethylamino-4-methyl-3-coumarinyl) maleimide (DACM) stain. In heavy solar elastosis we found increased fluorescence for SS bonds in the upper and middle reticu...

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  • Clinical analysis of anti-cardiolipin.beta 2 glycoprotein 1 antibody positive patients in anti-phospholipid syndrome.

    abstract::Clinical analysis was performed on anti-cardiolipin x beta2 glycoprotein 1 (ACL x beta2 GP1) antibody positive patients with collagen vascular diseases. Nine patients out of 89 showed positive aCL x beta2 GP1 antibody which was a relatively lower percentage compared to that of othoffanti-phospholipid antibodies, such ...

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    authors: Katayama I,Nishioka K,Otoyama K

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  • Culture of human outer root sheath cells from plucked hair follicles in serum-free conditions.

    abstract::We succeeded in culturing human outer root sheath cells (ORSC) in serum-free conditions without a biological feeder layer. The combination of collagen type IV substrate and modified MCDB 153 medium supplemented with bovine pituitary gland extract (K-GM medium) could support the growth of ORSC. These cells can be seria...

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    authors: Arase S,Katoh S,Sadamoto Y,Nakanishi H,Urano Y,Fujie K,Takeda K

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  • The antimicrobial peptide derived from insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 5, AMP-IBP5, regulates keratinocyte functions through Mas-related gene X receptors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In addition to their microbicidal properties, host defense peptides (HDPs) display various immunomodulatory functions, including keratinocyte production of cytokines/chemokines, proliferation, migration and wound healing. Recently, a novel HDP named AMP-IBP5 (antimicrobial peptide derived from insulin-like g...

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    authors: Chieosilapatham P,Niyonsaba F,Kiatsurayanon C,Okumura K,Ikeda S,Ogawa H

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  • Inhibitory effects of oral prednisolone and fexofenadine on skin responses by prick tests with histamine and compound 48/80.

    abstract::The prick test is a useful skin test for diagnosing immediate hypersensitivity response. Sometimes it is necessary to perform prick tests on patients who have already received antihistamines or corticosteroids. It is, however, occasionally uncertain whether the results of prick tests are reliable. In this study, the i...

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    authors: Inoue T,Katoh N,Kishimoto S,Matsunaga K

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  • IL-11, IL-1α, IL-6, and TNF-α are induced by solar radiation in vitro and may be involved in facial subcutaneous fat loss in vivo.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The loss of subcutaneous (sc) fat is associated with aging. Inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-1 α (IL-1α), interleukin-11 (IL-11) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), are known to inhibit the differentiation of preadipocytes. OBJECTIVE:This study investigated the potential role of inflammatory cyt...

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  • Correlation of Merkel cell polyomavirus positivity with PDGFRα mutations and survivin expression in Merkel cell carcinoma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a neuroendocrine cancer of the skin postulated to originate through Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCPyV) oncogenesis and/or by mutations in molecules implicated in the regulation of cell growth and survival. Despite the fact that MCPvV is detected more broadly within the population...

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  • Cytokine modulation of retinoic acid-inducible gene-I (RIG-I) expression in human epidermal keratinocytes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Retinoic acid-inducible gene-I (RIG-I) is a member of the DExH/D box family proteins and designated as a putative RNA helicase, which plays various roles in gene expression and cellular functions in response to a variety of RNA viruses. OBJECTIVE:The present study was designed to investigate the effects of ...

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