Maternal mortality or prolonged growth: age at death and pelvic size in three prehistoric Amerindian populations.


:This study evaluates the relationship between age at death and pelvic size among adults in three prehistoric Amerindian populations. The issue is to identify if the pelvis continues to grow and remodel in adulthood, or if there is differential survivorship among adults, particularly among females, based on pelvic size. The samples used in this study are Indian Knoll, Pecos Pueblo, and Libben. Twenty-one measures of the pelvis are analyzed. A correlational analysis among individuals 18 years of age and older shows that the subpubic angle narrows with advancing age in both sexes. The suggested etiology is osteophytic growth on the ischiopubic ramus among older adults. A two-sample test comparing younger (ages 18-24) and older (25 years of age and older) adults shows that the linea terminalis (which represents the pubic and iliac components of the pelvic inlet) is significantly shorter in the younger age group, but this pattern is seen only in females. Two interpretations are consistent with this result. First, a female with a short linea terminalis (i.e., small pelvic inlet) may have died at a young age due to childbirth-related complications. In prehistory, maternal mortality may have been a leading cause of death, with pelvic inlet capacity being a determinant of survivorship among parturients. Second, the linea terminalis may be unique by continuing to grow in early adulthood in females but not in males; the growth occurs at the medial border of the pubis. Longitudinal growth studies of modern humans provide support for the second interpretation. The selective advantage of a later age at maturation of the pubis in females than males is that the period of growth is prolonged, thereby contributing to sexual dimorphism in pubic length and, correspondingly, linea terminalis length and pelvic inlet circumference.


Am J Phys Anthropol


Tague RG




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  • European pliopithecid diets revised in the light of dental microwear in Pliopithecus canmatensis and Barberapithecus huerzeleri.

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  • Age estimation from stages of union of the vertebral epiphyses of the ribs.

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  • A critique of homology as a morphological concept.

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  • Paternity and kinship patterns in polyandrous moustached tamarins (Saguinus mystax).

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  • Blood groups and types, hemoglobin variants, and G-6-PD deficiency among Abu Dhabians in the United Arab Emirates.

    abstract::Some erythrocyte genetic factors were studied in the indigenous population of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, on the southeastern coast of the Arabian peninsula. Determinations carried out included blood groups and types ABO, MNS, Rh0, KkJsa, FyaFyb, P1, Lea, Vela, hemoglobin variants, and screenin...

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  • Changes in skeletal robusticity in an iron age agropastoral group: the Samnites from the Alfedena necropolis (Abruzzo, Central Italy).

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  • Technical note: The effect of midshaft location on the error ranges of femoral and tibial cross-sectional parameters.

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  • A radiographic technique of interest to physical anthropologists.

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  • Genetic risk for earlier menarche also influences peripubertal body mass index.

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  • Water consumption in Iron Age, Roman, and Early Medieval Croatia.

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  • Isolation by distance in Middle Dalmatia-Yugoslavia.

    abstract::Parameters of Malécot's isolation-by-distance model are estimated for biological (anthropometric head and body dimensions, morphometric dimensions of metacarpal bones, quantitative and qualitative dermatoglyphic traits, and physiological/cardiorespiratory/variables) and linguistic distances and migrational kinship on ...

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  • Hominid footprints at Laetoli: facts and interpretations.

    abstract::The history of discovery and interpretation of primate footprints at the site of Laetoli in northern Tanzania is reviewed. An analysis of the geological context of these tracks is provided. The hominid tracks in Tuff 7 at Site G in the Garusi River Valley demonstrate bipedality at a mid-Pliocene datum. Comparison of t...

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  • The phylogeny and ontogeny of humeral torsion.

    abstract::In a series of specimens extending from fossil material through recent vertebrates including man there occurs a gradual phylogenetic increase in the degree of humeral torsion. A further (ontogenetic) torsion is superimposed upon the phylogenetic one in man which increases from birth until the proximal epiphysial carti...

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  • Brain endocast asymmetry in pongids and hominids: some preliminary findings on the paleontology of cerebral dominance.

    abstract::Observations on petalial asymmetry for 190 hominoid endocasts are reported, and their statistical differences assessed. While all taxa of hominoids show asymmetries to various degrees, the patterns or combinations of petalial asymmetries are very different, with fossil hominoids and modern Homo sapiens showing an iden...

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  • Effect of undernutrition on deciduous tooth emergence among Rajput children of Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh, India.

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  • Brief communication: diachronic investigation of linear enamel hypoplasia in prehistoric skeletal samples from Trentino, Italy.

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  • New fossil hominids from Laetolil, Tanzania.

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  • Evaluation of the auricular surface method for non-adult sex estimation on the Lisbon documented collection.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Sex is usually not estimated in skeletonized non-adult individuals because sexual dimorphism is considered minimal before puberty. In 2017, a new approach based on the shape of the auricular surface was proposed, showing that this anatomic area of the ilium is dimorphic. This study tests the reproducibility ...

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  • A comparison of TSPY genes from Y-chromosomal DNA of the great apes and humans: sequence, evolution, and phylogeny.

    abstract::The genes for testis-specific protein Y (TSPY) were sequenced from chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), gorilla (Gorilla gorilla), orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), and baboon (Papio hamadryas). The sequences were compared with each other and with the published human sequence. Substitutions were detected at 144 of the 755 nucleoti...

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  • Structured exploratory data analysis (SEDA) of finger ridge-count inheritance: II. Association arrays in parent-offspring and sib-sib pairs.

    abstract::Familial similarity of the dermatoglyphic trait values of finger ridge-count scores and pattern intensity index is examined for 125 nuclear families from the Velanadu Brahmin population of Southern India by the method of association arrays. This methodology assesses parent-offspring and sibship similarity through a co...

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    authors: Karlin S,Williams PT,Chakraborty R,Mathew S

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  • The pattern of involvement of appendicular degenerative joint disease.

    abstract::Patterns of degenerative joint disease are investigated in the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints of the macerated remains of approximately 800 individuals from 20th century American and two prehistoric populations. Age is an important contributory factor in all joints, but its effects are seen most directly in the...

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