Avoidable factors that contribute to complications in the surgical treatment of chronic subdural haematoma.


:The results of a personal series of 44 consecutive patients undergoing burrhole evacuation and closed system suction drainage for chronic subdural haematoma are presented. 43 patients made a complete recovery and one was left with moderate disability. Contralateral weakness in one patient, recurrence of haematoma in another, and a new contralateral haematoma in a third were the only complications. The operative procedures responsible for the rather low complication rate in this series are described. It is concluded that to avoid complications following surgical treatment of chronic subdural haematoma, attention must be paid to the following factors: evacuation of the haematoma through two burrholes overlying the subdural collection; attention to ensure free communication through the subdural space between the two burrholes; identification and opening of additional loculations overlying the cortex; irrigation of the subdural space to ensure as complete an evacuation of the subdural collection as possible and the use of closed system suction drainage, nursing the patient flat, and intravenous hydration of the patient for three days. In addition, in patients with coagulopathy, correction of these disorders before surgery is most essential.


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  • Treatment and survival of osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma of the skull: a SEER database analysis.

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  • The management of pituitary tumours and post-operative visual deterioration.

    abstract::The indications and results of transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenomas are analysed. The advantages and disadvantages of Bromocriptine and radiotherapy are considered. Transsphenoidal surgery does not damage pre-existing pituitary function. It produces excellent results in micro and mesoadenomas, curing about 7...

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  • Pituitary apoplexy: an overview of 186 cases published during the last century.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Pituitary apoplexy is a rare and life-threatening complication occurring in 0.6-10.5% of all cases of pituitary adenomas. Although the association between pituitary apoplexy and visual dysfunction has been recognized for a long time, the optimal management of this problem still remains controversial. The pur...

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  • Two-dimensional echo-encephalography. 1. Acoustic properties of some tissues and the characteristics of echo patterns obtained using equipment especially adapted for detection of these tissues.

    abstract::In this paper the results of measurements of ultrasound velocity in, and density of, a number of normal and pathological tissues are given. From the results it can be concluded that intracranial pathological regions will often be detectable with ultrasound techniques, but is is not possible with any degree of certaint...

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  • Contemporaneous bilateral postero-ventral pallidotomy for early onset "juvenile type" Parkinson's disease. Case report.

    abstract::Early onset "juvenile type" Parkinson's disease is commonly associated with disabling bilateral levodopa-induced dyskinesias. We report here a successful contemporaneous bilateral postero-ventral pallidotomy performed on a 46-year-old male with juvenile type Parkinson's and associated levodopa incited symmetric dyskin...

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