Rapid T2 estimation with phase-cycled variable nutation steady-state free precession.


:Variable nutation SSFP (DESPOT2) permits rapid, high-resolution determination of the transverse (T2) relaxation constant. A limitation of DESPOT2, however, is the presence of T2 voids due to off-resonance banding artifacts associated with SSFP images. These artifacts typically occur in images acquired with long repetition times (TR) in the presence of B0 inhomogeneities, or near areas of magnetic susceptibility difference, such that the transverse magnetization experiences a net phase shift during the TR interval. This places constraints on the maximum spatial resolution that can be achieved without artifact. Here, a novel implementation of DESPOT2 is presented incorporating RF phase-cycling which acts to shift the spatial location of the bands, allowing reconstruction of a single, reduced artifact-image. The method is demonstrated in vivo with the acquisition of a 0.34 mm3 isotropic resolution T2 map of the brain with high precision and accuracy and significantly reduced artifact.


Magn Reson Med


Deoni SC,Ward HA,Peters TM,Rutt BK




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2004-08-01 00:00:00












  • Methodological consensus on clinical proton MRS of the brain: Review and recommendations.

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  • An automated tool for cortical feature analysis: Application to differences on 7 Tesla T2* -weighted images between young and older healthy subjects.

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  • Quantification of the effect of water exchange in dynamic contrast MRI perfusion measurements in the brain and heart.

    abstract::Measurement of myocardial and brain perfusion when using exogenous contrast agents (CAs) such as gadolinium-DTPA (Gd-DTPA) and MRI is affected by the diffusion of water between compartments. This water exchange may have an impact on signal enhancement, or, equivalently, on the longitudinal relaxation rate, and could t...

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  • Relaxation effects of ferucarbotran-labeled mesenchymal stem cells at 1.5T and 3T: discrimination of viable from lysed cells.

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  • AZTEK: Adaptive zero TE k-space trajectories.

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  • A new susceptibility-weighted image reconstruction method for the reduction of background phase artifacts.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To significantly reduce the background phase effects, especially at the air-tissue interface, and to enhance the desirable local structures of veins in susceptibility-weighted imaging. METHODS:In the proposed reconstruction method called Magnitude of Complex Filtering, a complex-valued magnetic resonance image...

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  • Incorporating dixon multi-echo fat water separation for novel quantitative magnetization transfer of the human optic nerve in vivo.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The optic nerve (ON) represents the sole pathway between the eyes and brain; consequently, diseases of the ON can have dramatic effects on vision. However, quantitative magnetization transfer (qMT) applications in the ON have been limited to ex vivo studies, in part because of the fatty connective tissue that s...

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  • Design of adiabatic selective pulses using optimal control theory.

    abstract::Optimal control theory has been applied in the past for the design of RF pulses for selective excitation. This was the outcome of having established the controllability of the MR spin system for the selective excitation problem. "Minimum distance" was the main formulation used for the solution. Because of their robust...

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  • High-resolution 1H NMR spectroscopy in rat liver using magic angle turning at a 1 Hz spinning rate.

    abstract::It is demonstrated that a high-resolution (1)H NMR spectrum of excised rat liver can be obtained using the technique of magic angle turning (MAT) at a sample spinning rate of 1 Hz. A variant of the phase-corrected MAT (PHORMAT) pulse sequence that includes a water suppression segment was developed for the investigatio...

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  • Effects of imaging gradients in sequences with varying longitudinal storage time-Case of diffusion exchange imaging.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To illustrate the potential bias caused by imaging gradients in correlation MRI sequences using longitudinal magnetization storage (LS) and examine the case of filter exchange imaging (FEXI) yielding maps of the apparent exchange rate (AXR). METHODS:The effects of imaging gradients in FEXI were observed on yea...

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  • Nuclear relaxation of human brain gray and white matter: analysis of field dependence and implications for MRI.

    abstract::The dependence of 1/T1 on the magnetic field strength (the relaxation dispersion) has been measured at 37 degrees C on autopsy samples of human brain gray and white matter at field strengths corresponding to proton Larmor frequencies between 10 kHz and 50 MHz (0.0002-1.2 T). Additional measurements of 1/T1 and 1/T2 ha...

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  • Modulation of water diffusion during gonadotropin-induced ovulation: NMR microscopy of the ovarian follicle.

    abstract::The preovulatory rat follicle reaches a diameter of 1 mm with no internal blood vessels. Nutrient supply to the enclosed oocyte depends solely on passive diffusion across the follicular wall and the follicular fluid. Spin-echo and stimulated-echo NMR microscopy experiments were applied here for studying modulations in...

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  • Parallel reconstruction in accelerated multivoxel MR spectroscopy.

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  • Quantification of the pulse wave velocity of the descending aorta using axial velocity profiles from phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::The pulse wave velocity (PWV) of aortic blood flow is considered a surrogate for aortic compliance. A new method using phase-contrast (PC)-MRI is presented whereby the spatial and temporal profiles of axial velocity along the descending aorta can be analyzed. Seventeen young healthy volunteers (the YH group), six olde...

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  • Coaxial waveguide for travelling wave MRI at ultrahigh fields.

    abstract::At high magnetic fields the performance of a volume-type body coil inside a human sized MR-scanner is influenced by the waveguide action of the scanner's bore. This can result in undesirable strong radio frequency fields B1+) outside the coil's target volume. A radio frequency (RF) transmit system, exploiting this wav...

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  • Improved compressed sensing and super-resolution of cardiac diffusion MRI with structure-guided total variation.

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  • Nuclear magnetic resonance parameters for monitoring coagulation of liver tissue.

    abstract::A new NMR parameter is suggested as a sensitive tool for monitoring thermal coagulation of liver tissue. That parameter is the proton magnetization exchange time (tau(MEX)) between water and the proteins. tau(MEX) was very sensitive to coagulation and insensitive to temperature, therefore representing only damage to t...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the influence of transcytolemmal water exchange on estimates of tissue microstructural parameters derived from diffusion MRI using conventional PGSE and IMPULSED methods. METHODS:Computer simulations were performed to incorporate a broad range of intracellular water life times τin (50-∞ ms), cel...

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  • Wavelet packet denoising of magnetic resonance images: importance of Rician noise at low SNR.

    abstract::Wavelet packet analysis is a mathematical transformation that can be used to post-process images, for example, to remove image noise ("denoising"). At a very low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR <5), standard magnitude magnetic resonance images have skewed Rician noise statistics that degrade denoising performance. Since th...

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  • Combined dynamic contrast-enhanced liver MRI and MRA using interleaved variable density sampling.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop and evaluate a method for volumetric contrast-enhanced MRI of the liver, with high spatial and temporal resolutions, for combined dynamic imaging and MR angiography (MRA) using a single injection of contrast agent. METHODS:An interleaved variable density (IVD) undersampling pattern was implemented i...

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  • A modified sub-second fast-STEAM sequence incorporating bipolar gradients for in vivo diffusion imaging.

    abstract::A modified high-speed stimulated-echo acquisition mode (STEAM) diffusion sequence (90 degrees-TE/2-90 degrees-TM-[alpha-TE/2-STE]n) incorporating bipolar diffusion gradients that are less sensitive to macroscopic motion-induced artifacts is presented. Diffusion encoding was performed only during the first echo interva...

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  • A hybrid method for more efficient channel-by-channel reconstruction with many channels.

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  • A comparison of static and dynamic ∆B0 mapping methods for correction of CEST MRI in the presence of temporal B0 field variations.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To assess the performance, in the presence of scanner instabilities, of three dynamic correction methods which integrate ∆B0 mapping into the chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) measurement and three established static ∆B0 -correction approaches. METHODS:A homogeneous phantom and five healthy voluntee...

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  • Increased anatomical detail by in vitro MR microscopy with a modified Golgi impregnation method.

    abstract::Golgi impregnation is unique in its ability to display the dendritic trees and axons of large numbers of individual neurons by histology. Here we apply magnetic resonance microscopy to visualize the neuroanatomy of animal models by combining histologic fixation chemistry with paramagnetic contrast agents. Although the...

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  • Combined T2 -preparation and multidimensional outer volume suppression for coronary artery imaging with 3D cones trajectories.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a modular magnetization preparation sequence for combined T2 -preparation and multidimensional outer volume suppression (OVS) for coronary artery imaging. METHODS:A combined T2 -prepared 1D OVS sequence with fat saturation was defined to contain a 90°-60 180°60 composite nonselective tip-down pulse,...

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  • Real-time method for motion-compensated MR thermometry and MRgHIFU treatment in abdominal organs.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound is considered to be a promising treatment for localized cancer in abdominal organs such as liver, pancreas, or kidney. Abdominal motion, anatomical arrangement, and required sustained sonication are the main challenges. METHODS:MR acquisition consiste...

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  • In vivo dynamic MRI tracking of rat T-cells labeled with superparamagnetic iron-oxide particles.

    abstract::Dynamic MRI tracking of rat T-cells in vivo is performed in rat testicles after labeling isolated rat T-cells in vitro with superparamagnetic dextran-coated iron-oxide particles, BMS180549. Tissue inflammation induced by the local injection of the calcium ionophore, A23187, is used to attract labeled T-cells. Gradient...

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  • Human whole blood T2 relaxometry at 3 Tesla.

    abstract::A precise understanding of human blood spin-spin relaxation is of major importance for numerous applications, particularly functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which is increasingly performed at 3 Tesla. It is well known that T2 measured from partially deoxygenated blood depends on the Carr-Purcell Meiboom-Gi...

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  • Quantitation of absolute 2H enrichment of plasma glucose by 2H NMR analysis of its monoacetone derivative.

    abstract::A simple (2)H NMR method for quantifying absolute (2)H-enrichments in all seven aliphatic positions of glucose following its derivatization to monoacetone glucose is presented. The method is based on the addition of a small quantity of (2)H-enriched formate to the NMR sample. When the method was applied to [2-(2)H]mon...

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