Aleukemic congenital leukemia cutis.


:A newborn girl had typical "blueberry muffin" skin lesions, which showed histopathologic features of myelomonocytic leukemia cutis. We could not demonstrate leukemic infiltration of bone marrow in four aspirates. Her course was complicated with primary pulmonary hypertension, which led to death at 7 months of age. We emphasize the persistence of skin lesions in the absence of bone marrow infiltration by leukemia throughout the course of the disease.


Pediatr Dermatol


Pediatric dermatology


Torrelo A,Madero L,Mediero IG,Baño A,Zambrano A




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  • Cervical occult spinal dysraphism: MRI findings and the value of a vascular birthmark.

    abstract::Spinal dysraphism is easily recognized in the overt form as a meningocele or myelomeningocele. The closed form or occult spinal dysraphism (OSD) can be overlooked. It occurs predominantly at the lumbosacral level, but OSD at the cervical level, although very rare, also occurs. The value of magnetic resonance imaging i...

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  • Multiple milia in a newborn with congenital malformations: oral-facial-digital syndrome type 1.

    abstract::Oral-facial-digital syndrome type 1 (OMIM #311200) is an X-linked dominant, developmental disorder. Among the 13 described clinical variants of oral-facial-digital syndrome, oral-facial-digital syndrome type 1 is of significance to dermatologists due to presence of congenital milia and hypotrichosis, not described in ...

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  • Bullous Impetigo Rapid Diagnostic and Therapeutic Quiz: A Model for Assessing Basic Dermatology Knowledge of Primary Care Providers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:Bullous impetigo (BI) is a common dermatologic condition, particularly in children, yet confusion regarding its diagnosis and treatment persists. This study measured pediatricians' ability to diagnose and appropriately treat BI and explored factors that might influence pediatricians' accuracy in m...

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  • Epidermolysis bullosa of the Dowling-Meara type: clinical and ultrastructural findings in five patients.

    abstract::Clinical and pathologic features of five cases of epidermolysis bullosa simplex, Dowling-Meara type (EBS-DM), are described. Four patients were children, and two were related (father and daughter). Clinical history revealed blistering at birth in three patients; in all of them the signs and symptoms improved with age....

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  • A survey to assess use patterns and perceptions of efficacy of eczema action plans among pediatric dermatologists.

    abstract::Eczema action plans (EAPs) are written, customizable documents that guide patients through the self-management of atopic dermatitis. Here, we distributed a survey regarding the use patterns and perceptions of eczema action plans to 1068 members of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology and received 87 responses. Althou...

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  • Langerhans cell histiocytosis: a review of the current recommendations of the Histiocyte Society.

    abstract::Langerhans cell histiocytosis is a rare proliferative disorder where pathologic Langerhans cells accumulate in a variety of organs. Historically, the nomenclature regarding this entity has been confusing because the disease had been subcategorized simply based upon the different clinical manifestations. In the followi...

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  • Response to IL-1-receptor antagonist in a child with familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome.

    abstract::Familial cold auto-inflammatory syndrome, Muckle-Wells syndrome and chronic infantile neurologic, cutaneous, articular syndrome are related disorders associated with mutations in the CIAS1 gene. They appear to represent a continuum of one disease characterized by IL-1-mediated inflammation. Until recently, these condi...

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  • Localized linear bullous eruption of systemic lupus erythematosus in a child.

    abstract::A 9-year-old girl newly diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) developed a localized linear papulovesicular eruption over the right dorsal hand and ulnar forearm. The skin findings were clinically suggestive of herpes zoster, lichen striatus, or lichen planus-lupus erythematosus overlap. However, histologic...

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  • Langerhans cell histiocytosis: clinical experience with 124 patients.

    abstract::We cared for 124 pediatric patients with a histologic diagnosis of Langerhans' cell histiocytosis (histiocytosis X) over a period of 14 years. Clinical, laboratory, and radiographic findings were analyzed. The most frequent manifestations were bone lesions, lymph node involvement, and skin infiltration. Liver disease ...

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    authors: Rivera-Luna R,Martinez-Guerra G,Altamirano-Alvarez E,Martinez-Avalos A,Cardenas-Cardoz R,Ayon-Cardenas A,Ruiz-Maldonado R,Lopez-Corella E

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  • Fibroadipose vascular anomaly treated with sirolimus: Successful outcome in two patients.

    abstract::Fibroadipose vascular anomaly (FAVA) is a rare, complex mesenchymal malformation combining fibrofatty replacement of the affected muscles and slow-flow vascular malformation. The condition is characterized by localized swelling, severe pain, phlebectasia, and contracture of the affected limb. Treatment paradigms are n...

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  • Atypical maculopapular cutaneous mastocytosis showing a nevus spilus-like lesion.

    abstract::A 13-year-old Korean girl presented with a 7-year history of a pruritic, light-brown patch containing multiple 0.2- to 0.5-cm brownish-to-reddish maculopapules on the left anterior chest. When her skin was rubbed, the lesion became itchy and red. Histopathologic evaluation demonstrated marked dense dermal infiltration...

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  • Apocrine chromhidrosis involving the areolae in a 15-year-old amateur figure skater.

    abstract::Apocrine chromhidrosis is a rare disease frequently localized to the face or axillae, and rarely has been reported to occur around the breasts. We report a 15-year-old amateur figure skater who displayed localized chromhidrosis around her areolae. The most common precipitating event was exercise. She was treated topic...

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  • Hodgkin's disease manifesting as prurigo nodularis.

    abstract::Prurigo nodularis is an uncommon pediatric cutaneous disorder that is associated with intense pruritus. We report a teenager with prurigo nodularis as the presenting sign of stage IIA Hodgkin's disease, primarily in the mediastinum. The pruritus and associated cutaneous lesions resolved with combination chemotherapy d...

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  • Palmar hyperlinearity in early childhood atopic dermatitis is associated with filaggrin mutation and sensitization to egg.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:Palmar hyperlinearity is a typical clinical feature of Filaggrin gene (FLG) null mutations. There are reports of FLG mutations and allergic sensitization; however, reports on the relationship between palmar hyperlinearity to sensitization are limited. This study aimed to examine the association be...

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  • Common association of HPV 2 with anogenital warts in prepubertal children.

    abstract::Anogenital (AG) warts in 31 prepubertal children were HPV typed by nonisotopic in situ hybridization (NISH) using digoxigenin-labeled probes for human papilloma virus (HPV) types 1-5, 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, and 33. Mode of transmission was determined from historical, clinical, and laboratory data independent of HPV typing...

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  • Pigmented purpuric dermatosis in an infant.

    abstract::Pigmented purpuric dermatoses (PPDs) are a group of idiopathic, chronic, and self-resolving conditions easily recognizable in adults but extremely uncommon in infants. We present the youngest patient with PPD reported to date. ...

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  • Neonatal urticaria due to prostaglandin E1.

    abstract::Prostaglandin E1 is commonly used in the management of cyanotic congenital heart disease. While cutaneous flushing and peripheral edema are well recognized side effects of prostaglandin E1 therapy, other cutaneous effects have not been described in the dermatologic literature. We report a neonate with transposition of...

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  • Novel ABCA-12 mutations leading to recessive congenital ichthyosis.

    abstract::Mutations in the keratinocyte lipid transporter adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette A12 (ABCA12) are known to cause harlequin ichthyosis. More recently, mutations in this gene have been demonstrated to cause other phenotypes within the spectrum of recessive congenital ichthyosis. We report the case of an infant wi...

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    authors: Peterson H,Lofgren S,Bremmer S,Krol A

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  • Sequestrated meningocele of the scalp: diagnostic value of hair anomalies.

    abstract::Clinical aspects of sequestrated meningocele can be varied, causing difficulties in histopathological diagnosis. The meningeal tissue is scanty and appears as nonspecific connective tissue, therefore it may be overlooked. One classical and two unusual clinical presentations of sequestrated meningocele are described: o...

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    authors: Khallouf R,Fétissof F,Machet MC,Stephanov E,Lechrist J,Lorette G

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  • Postvaccination morphea profunda in a child.

    abstract::We report a new case of postvaccination morphea profunda (MP) in a child and discuss its different clinical presentations, prognosis, and therapy and its relationship with "solitary morphea profunda." A 2-year-old healthy girl presented with an induration of the anterior aspect of the left thigh of 9 months duration. ...

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  • Periocular infantile hemangiomas: Characteristics, ocular sequelae, and outcomes.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To identify clinical factors associated with complications of periocular infantile hemangioma (IH) and monitor improvement in complication rates post-treatment. METHODS:Retrospective cohort study. Eighty-nine patients diagnosed with periocular IH at a pediatric dermatology clinic of a tertiary care center b...

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  • Ichthyosis: mechanisms of disease.

    abstract::The disorders of cornification (ichthyoses) comprise acquired and inherited disorders characterized clinically by generalized scaling and histologically by hyperkeratosis. They may arise through defects in the production or maintenance of a normal cornified cell compartment, or both. The stratum corneum is composed of...

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  • Approach to the jewelry aficionado.

    abstract::Children's and teens' frequent use of inexpensive "costume" jewelry exposes them to a variety of contact allergens. Greater use heightens the risk of developing allergic contact dermatitis, especially in the setting of body piercings. Several clinical pearls, prevention strategies, and avoidance alternatives are provi...

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  • Early Recognition of Proteus Syndrome.

    abstract::Proteus syndrome is an extremely rare mosaic condition characterized by progressive overgrowth of tissues due to a somatic activating mutation of the AKT1 gene. Distinct cutaneous features, including cerebriform connective tissue nevi, epidermal nevi, vascular malformations, and adipose abnormalities, can alert the de...

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  • Tuberous sclerosis with macrodactyly.

    abstract::Tuberous sclerosis with macrodactyly is a very uncommon presentation. We report a 15-year-old girl with a thick, loose hyperpigmented area on the dorsum of the left hand with macrodactyly. A skin biopsy specimen from the dorsum of the left hand revealed dense collagenization in the dermis. Radiographs showed marked ir...

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    authors: Sahoo B,Handa S,Kumar B

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  • Rothmund-Thomson syndrome with myelodysplasia.

    abstract::Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (RTS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder that is caused by a DNA repair defect. It is characterized mainly by skin, eye, and skeletal abnormalities. Cutaneous changes appear at between 3 and 6 months of age and include poikiloderma, photosensitivity, scaling, hyperkeratosis, and disturban...

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  • Palmoplantar eccrine hidradenitis: three new cases and review.

    abstract::Palmoplantar eccrine hidradenitis (PEH) is characterized by painful erythematous papules and nodules of abrupt onset on the soles of young individuals. The histologic hallmark is a predominant neutrophilic infiltrate surrounding the eccrine gland apparatus. A total of 28 cases have been published since 1988, with a br...

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    authors: Landau M,Metzker A,Gat A,Ben-Amitai D,Brenner S

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  • Mucocutaneous findings in 100 children with Down syndrome.

    abstract::Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal abnormality affecting numerous organs, including the skin. Our aim was to study mucocutaneous findings in this syndrome. To do so, 100 children with Down syndrome attending Schools for Children with Special Educational Needs and centers affiliated to the Welfare and Rehabil...

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    authors: Daneshpazhooh M,Nazemi TM,Bigdeloo L,Yoosefi M

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  • Wet-wrap treatment in children with atopic dermatitis: a practical guideline.

    abstract::Treatment of children with severe atopic dermatitis (AD) can be especially challenging because several possible intervention treatments have (relative) contraindications in childhood. In recent years, wet-wrap treatment (WWT) has been advocated as a relatively safe and efficacious intervention in children with severe ...

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    authors: Devillers AC,Oranje AP

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  • Celiac disease presenting with chilblains in an adolescent girl.

    abstract::Chilblains, or pernio, are cutaneous lesions that may accompany systemic illnesses including states of malnutrition and autoimmune diseases. We report an adolescent girl in whom chilblains were the chief presenting sign of celiac disease. A gluten-free diet led to weight gain and resolution of the chilblains. We specu...

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    authors: St Clair NE,Kim CC,Semrin G,Woodward AL,Liang MG,Glickman JN,Leichtner AM,Binstadt BA

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