Calcipotriene and corticosteroid combination therapy for vitiligo.


:Corticosteroids and photochemotherapy, using a combination of psoralen and ultraviolet A (PUVA) exposure, are the most widely prescribed therapies for vitiligo. These treatments are not uniformly effective and many patients have inadequate responses. Calcipotriene has been shown to be effective in adults and children with psoriasis when used as monotherapy and in combination with corticosteroids and phototherapy. We hypothesized that since the mechanisms of action for calcipotriene and corticosteroids are different, patients may develop more repigmentation with a combination of the two agents, while decreasing the side effects from both agents. Twelve patients with vitiligo (average age 13.1 years) were advised to use topical corticosteroids in the morning and topical calcipotriene in the evening. Of the 12 patients, 83% responded to therapy, with an average of 95% repigmentation by body surface area. Four of the patients who responded had previously failed trials of topical corticosteroids alone. All of the patients in this group had repigmentation. Eyelid and facial skin responded best to this therapy. None of the patients had adverse reactions to the treatment. Our results show that topical calcipotriene in combination with corticosteroids can repigment vitiligo, even in those patients who were previous topical corticosteroid failures.


Pediatr Dermatol


Pediatric dermatology


Travis LB,Silverberg NB




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