Distribution of clindamycin in cortical bone during direct local infusion of the canine tibia.


:The distribution of clindamycin in tibial cortical bone, administered via direct local infusion with an implantable pump, is described. Clindamycin concentrations in cortical bone were measured after 3, 7, and 21 days of intraosseous infusion. The tibia were divided into four quadrants relative to the outflow infusion catheter site located in the medial aspect of the mid-diaphysis. A gradient of 5-30 mm from the infusion site was documented in all four quadrants (proximal lateral, proximal medial, distal lateral, and distal medial). At all sampling times, clindamycin concentrations in all quadrants exceeded the minimum inhibitory concentrations for gram-positive aerobic bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and S. epidermidis, and both the gram-positive and gram-negative anaerobes, including Peptostreptococcus species and Bacteroides species. The data suggest that gravitational forces affect the diffusion of the clindamycin because concentrations in both distal quadrants were greater than in corresponding proximal quadrants.


J Orthop Trauma


Budsberg SC,Brown J




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1994-10-01 00:00:00












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  • Do Safe Radiographic Sacral Screw Pathways Exist in a Pediatric Patient Population and Do They Change With Age?

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Iliosacral screw pathways in the first (S1) and second (S2) sacral segments are commonly used for adult pelvic ring stabilization. We hypothesize that radiographically "safe" pathways exist in pediatric patients. SETTING:Academic level I Trauma Center. PATIENTS:All patients between ages 2 and 16 years with...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether stimulation with low-intensity ultrasound will reduce the radiologic healing time of fresh tibial shaft fractures fixed with a reamed and statically locked intramedullary rod. DESIGN:Prospective, randomized, double blinded, and placebo controlled. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Thirty-two adult p...

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  • Valgus osteotomy of the proximal femur with sliding hip screw for the treatment of femoral neck nonunions: the technique, a case series, and literature review.

    abstract::Femoral neck nonunions are a difficult complication in the treatment of femoral neck fractures and have traditionally been managed using an intertrochanteric valgus osteotomy and blade plate. We propose an alternative method, a proximal femoral valgus osteotomy using a sliding hip screw instead of a blade plate. This ...

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  • Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks as Analgesia for Nonoperative Management of Distal Radius Fractures-Two Consecutive Randomized Controlled Trials.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate whether a conventional fracture hematoma block (FHB) or an ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block has more superior analgesic effect during nonoperative management of distal radius fractures in an emergency department setting. Two peripheral nerve block types were investigated, one at the le...

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  • Biomechanics of Ender rods, compression screw, and Zickel nail in the fixation of stable subtrochanteric femur osteotomies.

    abstract::Compression screws, Ender rods, and Zickel nails were evaluated mechanically to determine their resulting stability in the fixation of experimental subtrochanteric femur osteotomies. Twenty-five pairs of human cadaver femurs were used. Experimental osteotomies were created and a random member of each pair was fixed wi...

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