Insurance coverage of smoking cessation treatment for state employees.


:Public health experts recommend that health insurance include coverage for smoking cessation treatment as an evidence-based strategy to reduce smoking. As employers, states can implement this policy for more than 5 million individuals nationwide. This study identified the extent to which states require smoking cessation treatment insurance coverage for their employees; of 45 states, 29 required coverage for at least 1 US Public Health Service (PHS)-recommended treatment, and only 17 of 45 provided coverage that was fully consistent with PHS recommendations.


Am J Public Health


Burns ME,Bosworth TW,Fiore MC




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  • United States government policy on abortion.

    abstract::Federal government policy in the United States lacks uniformity, as is indicated by the fact that the Dept. of Defense permits the performance of abortion for medical and mental health reasons, the Office of Economic Opportunity states that no project funds may be used for any surgical procedure intended to result in...

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  • The impact of a public health nurse intervention on influenza vaccine acceptance.

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  • Vaginal douching and reduced fertility.

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  • Lessons learned from a community-academic initiative: the development of a core competency-based training for community-academic initiative community health workers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Despite the importance of community health workers (CHWs) in strategies to reduce health disparities and the call to enhance their roles in research, little information exists on how to prepare CHWs involved in community-academic initiatives (CAIs). Therefore, the New York University Prevention Research Cent...

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  • Receipt of prevention services among HIV-infected men who have sex with men.

    abstract::Unprotected sexual intercourse remains a primary mode of HIV transmission in the United States. We found that receipt of services to reduce HIV transmission-risk behaviors was low among 3787 HIV-infected individuals and that men who have sex with men were especially unlikely to receive these services even though they ...

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  • A preliminary analysis of the receipt of mental health services consistent with national standards among children in the child welfare system.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We sought to examine the extent to which children in the child welfare system receive mental health care consistent with national standards. METHODS:We used data from 4 waves (3 years of follow-up) of the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being, the nation's first longitudinal study of children i...

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  • Effects of different types of antismoking ads on reducing disparities in smoking cessation among socioeconomic subgroups.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We assessed which types of mass media messages might reduce disparities in smoking prevalence among disadvantaged population subgroups. METHODS:We followed 1491 adult smokers over 24 months and related quitting status at follow-up to exposure to antismoking ads in the 2 years prior to the baseline assessmen...

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  • The evolution of changes in primary care delivery underlying the Veterans Health Administration's quality transformation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Suffering from waning demand, poor quality, and reform efforts enabling veterans to "vote with their feet" and leave, the Veterans Health Administration (VA) health care system transformed itself through a series of substantive changes. We examined the evolution of primary care changes underlying VA's transf...

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  • Structural Racism, Historical Redlining, and Risk of Preterm Birth in New York City, 2013-2017.

    abstract::Objectives. To assess if historical redlining, the US government's 1930s racially discriminatory grading of neighborhoods' mortgage credit-worthiness, implemented via the federally sponsored Home Owners' Loan Corporation (HOLC) color-coded maps, is associated with contemporary risk of preterm birth (< 37 weeks gestati...

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  • Directive counseling on long-acting contraception.

    abstract::National rates of unintended births are a major public health concern. The availability of highly effective long-acting contraceptives has prompted some public officials to promote the coercive use of these methods to reduce such problems as intergenerational poverty and child abuse. Broad-brush public policies that r...

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  • The relationship between students' sense of their school as a community and their involvement in problem behaviors.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:There has been relatively little research on the contributions of school context to developmental outcomes. This study examined relationships between students' sense of the school as a community and their involvement in problem behaviors. METHODS:Participants were an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse...

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  • Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Lethal Force by US Police, 2010-2014.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To update previous examinations of racial/ethnic disparities in the use of lethal force by US police. METHODS:I examined online national vital statistics data for deaths assigned an underlying cause of "legal intervention" (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, external-cause-of-injury co...

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  • Association of smoking cessation with financial stress and material well-being: results from a prospective study of a population-based national survey.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We used 4 waves of prospective data to examine the association of smoking cessation with financial stress and material well-being. METHODS:Data (n = 5699 at baseline) came from 4 consecutive waves (2001-2005) of the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey. We used mixed models to examine th...

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  • The effectiveness of child restraint systems for children aged 3 years or younger during motor vehicle collisions: 1996 to 2005.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We estimated the effectiveness of child restraints in preventing death during motor vehicle collisions among children 3 years or younger. METHODS:We conducted a matched cohort study using Fatality Analysis Reporting System data from 1996 to 2005. We estimated death risk ratios using conditional Poisson regr...

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  • Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a review of major studies and a proposed uniform reporting system.

    abstract::The scientific literature from January 1970 to June 1979 was reviewed for articles reporting outcomes from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest treated by paramedic programs. Only articles appearing in refereed professional journals and reporting 25 or more attempted resuscitations were included. A total of 21 articles from...

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  • Quality of care for women undergoing a hysterectomy: effects of insurance and race/ethnicity.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We assessed the quality of hospital care for women who underwent a hysterectomy to compare Medicaid-covered women with privately insured women and minority women with White women. METHODS:We evaluated medical decisions, inpatient care, quality of inpatient care, and outcomes. RESULTS:Quality of hospital car...

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  • Identifying a sample of HIV-positive beneficiaries from Medicaid claims data and estimating their treatment costs.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We sought to identify people living with HIV/AIDS from Medicare and Medicaid claims data to estimate Medicaid costs for treating HIV/AIDS in California. We also examined how alternate methods of identifying the relevant sample affect estimates of per capita costs. METHODS:We analyzed data on Californians en...

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  • The impact of political violence on health and health services in Cape Town, South Africa, 1986: methodological problems and preliminary results.

    abstract::Cape Town, South Africa experienced an upsurge in the level of political violence from May to July of 1986. To determine the impact of the political violence on health and health services, selected routinely available information was analyzed, a community survey was conducted of 1,540 randomly selected households in h...

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  • Predictors of risky sexual behavior among young African American men who have sex with men.

    abstract::This study examined the prevalence and correlates of unprotected anal intercourse among 758 young African American men who have sex with men. A quarter of the sample reported unprotected anal intercourse in the past 3 months; nonsupportive peer norms and not carrying condoms predicted risky sexual behavior. Effective ...

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    authors: Hart T,Peterson JL,Community Intervention Trial for Youth Study Team.

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  • Potential for Lyme disease in Maine: deer survey of distribution of Ixodes dammini, the tick vector.

    abstract::A survey of deer brought to tagging stations at 24 sites in Main revealed the presence of the deer tick, Ixodes dammini, on 5.1 percent of deer. Ticks were found almost exclusively on deer from southwest coastal sites in the state. The potential for endemic Lyme disease in coastal Maine merits further study. ...

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Smith RP Jr,Rand PW,Lacombe EH

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  • The association between state housing policy and lead poisoning in children.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study examined the effect of an active program of household lead paint hazard abatement, applied over 22 years, on childhood lead poisoning in Massachusetts. METHODS:A small areas analysis was used to compare screening blood lead levels of children in Worcester County, Mass (n = 27,590), with those in ...

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  • An outbreak of waterborne giardiasis associated with heavy water runoff due to warm weather and volcanic ashfall.

    abstract::From mid-June through early August 1980, an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness in Red Lodge, Montana affected approximately 780 persons, as estimated from attack rates of 33 per cent and 15 per cent in urban and rural residents, respectively. Giardia lamblia was identified in stool specimens from 51 per cent of 47 p...

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  • Effects of participation in the WIC program on birthweight: evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study sought to estimate the impact on birthweight of maternal participation in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). METHODS:WIC estimates were based on sibling models incorporating data on children born between 1990 and 1996 to women taking part in the Nat...

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  • Secular trends of obesity in early life: the Bogalusa Heart Study.

    abstract::Secular changes in height and weight measurements were examined in five- to 14-year-olds from 1973 to 1984. The age-sex specific 85th percentile was used to classify persons as overweight (based on ponderal index; kg/m3). Secular increases in weight (2.5 kg), and ponderosity (0.5-0.7 kg/m3) were found. Gains in ponder...

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  • Healthy People 2010 and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders: defining a baseline of information.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Healthy People 2010: Understanding and Improving Health lists 6 areas of disparity in minority health services: infant mortality, cancer, cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and immunizations. This study compiles existing Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) health data to establish a baseline....

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  • Effectiveness of bans and laws in reducing traffic deaths: legalized Sunday packaged alcohol sales and alcohol-related traffic crashes and crash fatalities in New Mexico.

    abstract::We determined the relative risk of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents and fatalities after New Mexico lifted its ban on Sunday packaged alcohol sales. We extracted all alcohol-related crashes from New Mexico police reports for 3652 days between July 1, 1990, and June 30, 2000, and found a 29% increase in alcohol-...

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  • Community education for cardiovascular disease prevention: risk factor changes in the Minnesota Heart Health Program.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The Minnesota Heart Health Program is a 13-year research and demonstration project to reduce morbidity and mortality from coronary heart disease in whole communities. METHODS:Three pairs of communities were matched on size and type; each pair had one education site and one comparison site. After baseline su...

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    authors: Luepker RV,Murray DM,Jacobs DR Jr,Mittelmark MB,Bracht N,Carlaw R,Crow R,Elmer P,Finnegan J,Folsom AR

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  • Characteristics of self-selected responders to a health risk appraisal: generalizability of corporate health assessments.

    abstract::Selected characteristics and total medical claims of health risk appraisal (HRA) responders and non-responders were compared in a sample of employees having a three-year employment and claims history. HRA responders were younger and more likely to file medical claims than non-responders. Although mean medical claims w...

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    authors: Lynch WD,Golaszewski TJ,Clearie A,Vickery DM

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  • Better Prepare Than React: Reordering Public Health Priorities 100 Years After the Spanish Flu Epidemic.

    abstract::This commentary argues that 100 years after the deadly Spanish flu, the public health emergency community's responses to much more limited pandemics and outbreaks demonstrate a critical shortage of personnel and resources. Rather than relying on nonpharmaceutical interventions, such as quarantine, the United States mu...

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    authors: Greenberger M

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