Aerosol dispersion of respirable particles in narrow size distributions produced by jet-milling and spray-drying techniques.


PURPOSE:To examine the effect of particle size and morphology on aerosol dispersion using jet-milled and spray-dried mannitol particles in narrow size distributions within the respirable range. METHODS:Particle size and morphology were examined by laser diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, respectively. Aerosol dispersion was examined using a cascade impactor with a preseparator operating at a flow rate of 60 L/min, using two inhaler devices: Rotahaler (low-resistance device) and Inhalator (high-resistance device). Powder flow was examined using static and dynamic methods (Carr's compressibility index and vibrating spatula, respectively). RESULTS:Narrow size distributions of jet-milled and spray-dried particles were produced (d50% = 1.4 to 10.3 microm, GSD = 1.8 to 2.1, and d50% = 1.6 to 7.5 microm; GSD = 1.5 to 1.9, respectively). All particles were highly crystalline. Differences in particle shape were observed between jet-milled and spray-dried particles. Higher fine particle fraction (FPF) and relative fine particle fraction (FPFrel) (greater aerosol dispersion) and lower geometric standard deviation (GSD) (less variation) were obtained using particles with d50% between 2 and 5 microm. Higher mass median aerodynamic diameter were obtained with larger d50%. Spray-dried particles produced greater aerosol dispersion compared with jet-milled particles. Greater aerosol dispersion was obtained using the Inhalator than the Rotahaler. CONCLUSIONS:Small changes in the particle size within the 1-10-microm range produced a major impact in the aerosol dispersion of jet-milled and spray-dried particles. Even in these narrow size ranges, aggregation plays an important role in aerosol dispersion.


Pharm Res


Pharmaceutical research


Louey MD,Van Oort M,Hickey AJ




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  • Targeting, endocytosis, and lysosomal delivery of active enzymes to model human neurons by ICAM-1-targeted nanocarriers.

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  • PLGA microparticles in respirable sizes enhance an in vitro T cell response to recombinant Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen TB10.4-Ag85B.

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  • An in vitro/in vivo correlation for the disintegration and onset of drug release from enteric-coated pellets.

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    abstract::One of the authors has his name incorrectly indexed in PubMed and SpringerLink as "Laird Forrest M" (last name "Laird Forrest"). His name should index as "Forrest M. Laird" with last name as "Forrest". ...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:VLPs displaying tumor targeting single-chain variable fragments (VLP-rscFvs) which targets tumor-associated glycoprotein-72 (TAG-72) marker protein have a potential for immunotherapy against colon carcinoma tumors. In this study, scFvs anchored on VLPs using glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) were prepared to t...

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  • Papain: an effective permeation enhancer for orally administered low molecular weight heparin.

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  • Effects of excipients on protein conformation in lyophilized solids by hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Excipients are added to lyophilized protein drug formulations to protect the protein during processing and storage, but the mechanisms are poorly understood. Here, hydrogen/deuterium (H/D) exchange with mass spectrometry was used to assess protein conformation and excipient interactions in lyophilized solids. ...

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  • Effects of variation in drug elimination on five methods for assessing zero-order drug absorption rates.

    abstract::The area function method for assessing zero-order (ko) drug absorption rates was compared to four other methods under conditions where variation occurs in the plasma concentration data and in the elimination rate constant (kel or k10) for one- or two-compartment models. For deviant kel values of a one-compartment mode...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Cationic host defence peptides constitute a promising class of therapeutic drug leads with a wide range of therapeutic applications, including anticancer therapy, immunomodulation, and antimicrobial activity. Although potent and efficacious, systemic toxicity and low chemical stability have hampered their comme...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:The in-situ particle size of delavirdine mesylate in dry mix and tablets was determined. METHODS:Optical microscopy and fluorescence microscopy combined with image analysis were used for qualitative and quantitative measurements. RESULTS:Using optical microscopy, it was demonstrated qualitatively that fragmen...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:The possibility of preparing nanoparticles in the supercooled thermotropic liquid crystalline state from cholesterol esters with saturated acyl chains as well as the incorporation of model drugs into the dispersions was investigated using cholesteryl myristate (CM) as a model cholesterol ester. METHODS:Nanopar...

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  • Regional jejunal perfusion, a new in vivo approach to study oral drug absorption in man.

    abstract::Recently a new in vivo approach in man, using a regional intestinal perfusion technique, has been developed. The perfusion tube consists of a multichannel tube with two inflatable balloons, which are placed 10 cm apart. The tube is introduced orally and the time required for insertion and positioning of the tube is ap...

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  • Nebulization of liposomes. I. Effects of lipid composition.

    abstract::A series of multilamellar liposome dispersions was prepared from lipids of soy phosphatidylcholine or hydrogenated soy phosphatidylcholine containing from 0 to 30 mol% of either cholesterol, stearylamine, or dipalmitoyl phosphatidylglycerol. The liposome dispersions were aerosolized with a Collison nebulizer for 80 mi...

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  • Effect of the intravenous lipid emulsions on the availability of calcium when using organic phosphate in TPN admixtures.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The addition of high amounts of calcium remains a pharmaceutical concern due to its precipitation with phosphate in total parenteral nutrient (TPN) admixtures, compromising also the stability of the lipid emulsion. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Calcium-phosphate solubility was compared when using binary PN solutions v...

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  • Influence of molecular size on the retention of polymeric nanocarrier diagnostic agents in breast ducts.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the influence of nanocarrier molecular size and shape on breast duct retention in normal rats using a non-invasive optical imaging method. METHODS:Fluorescein-labeled PEG nanocarriers of different molecular weights and shapes (linear, two-arm, four-arm, and eight-arm) were intraductally administ...

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  • Nonviral approaches for neuronal delivery of nucleic acids.

    abstract::The delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids to neurons has the potential to treat neurological disease and spinal cord injury. While select viral vectors have shown promise as gene carriers to neurons, their potential as therapeutic agents is limited by their toxicity and immunogenicity, their broad tropism, and the cos...

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