Cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung: prenatal diagnosis and outcome.


:During an 8-year period (1984-1992), we made the ultrasonographic diagnosis of cystic adenomatoid malformation (CAM) of the lung in 58 fetuses at 17-39 weeks' gestation. We reviewed the records of these fetuses and combined the data from 74 cases reported in the literature to determine the incidence of the different types of CAM, associated malformations, and outcome. The lesions were macrocystic in 78 (59 per cent) and microcystic in 54 (41 per cent) of the cases. CAM was left-sided in 51 per cent, right-sided in 35 per cent, and bilateral in 14 per cent of the fetuses. In 15 (11 per cent) of the fetuses there were additional malformations and 57 (43 per cent) were hydropic. The pregnancy was electively terminated in 44 (33 per cent) of the cases, including all those with bilateral CAM. There were six (5 per cent) intrauterine deaths, five in association with hydrops, and one with growth retardation and heart defect. Of the 82 (62 per cent) infants that were liveborn, 21 (26 per cent) died in the neonatal period, 15 before and six after surgery. Of the 61 survivors, 16 (26 per cent) did not require surgery. In the 88 cases where the pregnancy was not terminated, survival was better if the CAM was macrocystic (74 per cent versus 58 per cent for microcystic), if there was no hydrops (92 per cent versus 21 per cent for hydrops), and if the amniotic fluid volume was normal or decreased (82 per cent versus 53 per cent for polyhydramnios).


Prenat Diagn


Prenatal diagnosis


Thorpe-Beeston JG,Nicolaides KH




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  • Detection of fetal-specific DNA after enrichment for trophoblasts using the monoclonal antibody LK26 in model systems but failure to demonstrate fetal DNA in maternal peripheral blood.

    abstract::Trophoblast cells can be detected in maternal blood during normal human pregnancy and DNA from these cells may be used for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of inherited diseases. The possibility of enriching trophoblast cells from maternal blood samples using a monoclonal antibody (LK26) against a folate-binding protei...

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  • High resolution chromosome analysis and in situ hybridization on amniotic fluid for diagnosis of a cryptic translocation.

    abstract::We report a cryptic translocation ascertained in a family after the birth of a mentally retarded proband. High resolution chromosome examination revealed that the father had a subtle translocation between chromosome 5 and chromosome 13, 46, XY, t(5;13) (q35.2;q34). Two specific, non-routine techniques were associated ...

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  • Synchronization of amniotic fluid cells for high resolution cytogenetics.

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