Utility of CD138 (syndecan-1) in distinguishing carcinomas from mesotheliomas.


:CD138 (Syndecan-1) is a transmembrane heparan sulfate proteoglycan present on the surface of plasma cells and epithelial cells. CD138 is also expressed in some hematopoietic neoplasms and has recently been observed in carcinomas. We characterized CD138 expression in cell-block preparations of fluids/effusions, focusing on the distinction between carcinoma and mesothelioma. One hundred formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded cell-block sections of fluids/effusions consisting of 58 metastatic carcinomas, 24 mesotheliomas, 11 reactive mesothelial cell proliferations, 3 lymphomas, 3 metastatic sarcomas, and 1 metastatic melanoma were stained with a monoclonal antibody against CD138. CD138 staining was observed in 32/58 (55%) metastatic carcinomas and 2/24 (8%) mesotheliomas; all reactive mesothelial cells, lymphomas, sarcomas, and melanoma were negative. CD138 is a highly specific marker in the differential diagnosis of carcinoma vs. mesothelioma. Distinct membranous staining without background staining of most inflammatory cells makes CD138 an ideal marker for cell-block preparations of fluids/effusions. It should be an integral component of the epithelial-mesothelial antibody panel.


Diagn Cytopathol


Diagnostic cytopathology


Saqi A,Yun SS,Yu GH,Alexis D,Taub RN,Powell CA,Borczuk AC




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  • Cytomorphologic manifestations of Alzheimer's disease using brain squash smears: an autopsy study with histology-cytology correlation.

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  • Optimization of the peritoneal lavage.

    abstract::Review of 275 consecutive peritoneal lavages and concurrent histologic material from gynecologic operations suggested that cytologic evaluation was clinically indicated for only 60.7% of the lavages, representing 46% of the patients in the study. More than one concurrent lavage was received from 21.6% of all patients ...

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  • Telecytology: Is it possible with smartphone images?

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  • A follow-up study on thyroid aspirates reported as atypia of undetermined significance/follicular lesion of undetermined significance and follicular neoplasm/suspicious for follicular neoplasm: A multicenter study from the Arabian Gulf region.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This is a multicenter study which was conducted to evaluate the follow-up on thyroid aspirate cases with atypia of undetermined significance/follicular cells of undetermined significance (AUS/FLUS) and follicular neoplasm or suspicious for follicular neoplasm (FN/SFN) using the Bethesda system for reporting t...

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    abstract::The Bethesda System for reporting cervical/vaginal diagnoses, introduced in this article, is a flexible guideline and can be modified as appropriate to meet the needs of cytopathologists, referring physicians, and patients. ...

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  • Hyaluronic acid induced foreign body reaction mimicking neoplastic parotid cytology.

    abstract::Masses near the angle of the mandible containing extracellular matrix or mucin on cytology raise concern for various benign and malignant parotid gland neoplasms. Here a 76-year-old female with a history of cosmetic hyaluronic acid (HA) filler injections presented with a painless 6 mm left sided facial mass. Injection...

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  • Bleeding from Wharton's duct after fine-needle aspiration biopsy on submandibular gland.

    abstract::The case of a fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of the patient's salivary gland lesions is considered a rapid, simple, reliable, minimal invasive procedure with markedly rare complications. Herein, we report a case of bleeding from the region of the Wharton's duct after a procedure of a FNAB on the patient's subman...

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  • Parathyroid hormone assay in fine-needle aspirate is useful in differentiating inadvertently sampled parathyroid tissue from thyroid lesions.

    abstract::To assess the utility of chemical analysis for parathyroid hormone in the rinse (PTH-r) obtained via fine-needle aspiration (FNA) in the setting of inadvertently sampled parathyroid tissue or lesions (PTL) during "thyroid" or "neck" FNA, the authors review their experience at a large, tertiary care academic medical ce...

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  • A prospective study of the diagnostic accuracy of cytological criteria in the FNAB diagnosis of breast papillomas.

    abstract::Seventy-four fine needle aspiration biopsies (FNAB) of breast were selected from the 133 cases with surgical biopsy follow up, from a total of 1,154 consecutive breast FNAB received in a 6-month-period. These 74 cases were reviewed and scored using all relevant cytological criteria for proliferative breast lesions use...

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  • Improving ROSE: Discrepant touch preparation and histology findings in cytology of renal masses: A 10-year retrospective review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The number of "renal incidentalomas" is on the rise due to increasing use of radiologic studies. Image-guided core needle biopsies (CNB) with touch preparations are performed to guide specimen collection and triage of sample for additional studies. Results allow the clinical team to make appropriate treatmen...

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