Analysis of the interactions of immunosuppressive drugs with cyclosporine in inhibiting DNA proliferation.


:Though the high immunosuppressive efficacy of cyclosporine has revolutionized clinical transplantation, renal, hepatic, and neural toxicities limit its therapeutic potential. One approach to this problem is to combine CsA therapy with immunosuppressive agents that act synergistically with it, thereby permitting lower doses and mitigating drug-induced toxicity. The present study examines the in vitro interactions of various immunosuppressive agents--namely, 6-mercaptopurine (6MP), dexamethasone (Dexa), FK506, and Enisoprost (EP)--with CsA. These investigations dissect the impact of the drug combinations in inhibiting 3H-thymidine incorporation into DNA by normal human peripheral blood lymphocytes activated by mitogens or by alloantigens in mixed lymphocyte culture responses. The median-effect equation was used to analyze the dose-effect relationships of immunosuppressive drugs either alone or in combination. The interactions were quantified by calculation of combination indices (CI). CI values less than 1, greater than 1, and equal to 1 represent synergistic, antagonistic, and additive interactions, respectively. In combination with CsA, 6MP showed modest and Dexa profound synergism, while EP displayed modest and FK506 marked antagonism. These findings confirm the clinical impression of in vivo synergism between CsA and Dexa. They suggest that in vitro analysis of drug interactions may distinguish synergistic drug combinations potentially applicable to clinical practice.






Vathsala A,Chou TC,Kahan BD




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1990-02-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::CD4+ cells from CsA-treated DA rats with long-surviving PVG heart allografts specifically suppress the capacity of naive CD4+ cells to restore allograft rejection in irradiated DA rats, but have normal donor-specific alloreactivity in MLC. CD4+ suppressor cells from CsA-treated DA rats cultured for 3 days against eith...


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  • The immediate function of the kidney after 24-to 72-hr preservation. Hypothermic storage versus mechanical perfusion.

    abstract::Seventy-two dog kidneys were stored under hypothermia as described by Collins and Sacks between 24 and 72 hr and then transplanted. The immediate function of the kidneys was measured by p-aminohippuric acid and inulin clearances. Twenty-four hr proved to be the maximum safe preservation time with both methods. The imm...


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    abstract::We have done a comparative analysis of two consecutive clinical trials at our center: the first in 56 patients who received blood transfusions from their prospective donors (DST group), and the second in 36 patients who received such transfusions while they were taking Imuran in an attempt to reduce the incidence of s...


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  • Pancreatitis following liver transplantation.

    abstract::Since 1981, when the liver transplantation program was initiated at the University of Pittsburgh, we have been impressed with the prevalence of pancreatitis occurring following liver transplantation in patients transplanted for hepatitis B-related liver disease. To either confirm this clinical impression or refute it,...


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  • The vascular endothelial cell antigen system.

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  • Fifty-percent partial liver transplantation in the rat.

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  • Posttransplant diabetes mellitus and atherosclerotic events in renal transplant recipients: a prospective study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Posttransplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM) is a frequent complication in renal-transplant recipients (RTRs). We conducted a prospective study to assess the potential role of PTDM in the development of atherosclerotic events (AE) in RTRs. METHODS:Three hundred fifty-seven consecutive RTRs were enrolled in this ...


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  • Should All Status 1A Patients Be Prioritized Over High MELD Patients? Concept of Risk Stratification in Extremely Ill Liver Transplant Recipients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Status 1A patients are prioritized over liver disease patients regardless of Model for End-stage Liver Disease (MELD) score. We aimed to identify groups with high waitlist mortality in Status 1A and MELD ≥40 patients to determine who would most benefit from transplantation. METHODS:Data on patients listed a...


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  • Anti-immunoglobulin as an adjunct in producing long-term antigen-specific allograft survival. Organ localization of immune complexes.

    abstract::Heterologous anti-immunoglobulin is a potent immunosuppressive agent that prolongs H-2- and H-3-incompatible skin graft survival. In conjunction with antithymocyte serum, anti-immunoglobulin promotes greater graft life than either antiserum used alone, without evidence of toxicity to recipient animals. Combination tre...


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