Naproxen treatment prevents periprocedural inflammatory response but not myocardial injury after percutaneous coronary intervention.


BACKGROUND AND AIM:Recent studies have documented that elevation of C-reactive protein (CRP) levels after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) have been predictive of adverse outcome. This study was performed to test the hypothesis that preprocedural use of naproxen sodium is associated with a reduction in the extent of inflammatory response and myocardial injury after PCI. METHODS:Ninety-seven patients who were scheduled for elective PCI were randomized either for naproxen sodium (500 mg bid) (n:39, 75% male, 59+/-10 years) or control (n:58, 76% male, 60+/-10 years). All patients were troponin negative before the procedure. Blood samples for CRP, Troponin I and CK-MB were collected at baseline and after the procedure. RESULTS:The characteristics were similar between the two groups. After coronary stenting, the rise in CRP levels was significantly higher in controls than those treated with naproxen (DeltaCRP=6.4 mg/L in the controls and 0.43 mg/L in the naproxen group, p<0.0001). The incidence of any troponin I elevation or CK-MB elevation above upper limit of normal was not statistically different between groups. During follow up (12+/-2 months), major cardiac adverse events (death, myocardial infarction, and revascularization of target lesion) was similar between groups. CONCLUSION:Our data show that naproxen pretreatment leads to significant suppression in PCI related CRP elevation. However this improvement in CRP levels was not associated with any significant reduction in post-PCI myonecrosis.


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Thrombosis research


Ozdol C,Gulec S,Rahimov U,Atmaca Y,Turhan S,Erol C




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    abstract::ZK-807834 (also known as CI-1031) is a small molecule that potently and selectively inhibits Factor Xa. Studies in animals have shown that ZK-807834 attenuates thrombosis and thrombus progression after fibrinolysis and exhibits an increased antithrombotic-to-bleeding risk ratio compared with conventional agents. The p...

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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The A-subunit of blood coagulation factor XIII is a pro-transglutaminase, which cross-links α- and γ-fibrin-chains in its activated form. Selective inhibitors against FXIII-A may be desirable drugs to prevent the development of thromboses. Animal models are generally used for proof of principle and for tox...

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