Studies on the differentiation of egg envelopes. I. The starfish, Astropecten aurantiacus.


:We have studied the differentiation of the oocyte vitelline coat (VC) and jelly coat (JC) of the starfish, Astropecten aurantiacus. The precursor material of both envelopes is secreted by the oocyte while the follicle cells do not appear to participate in the secretory process. The first indication of differentiation of the VC is the deposition of a fine fibrillar material between the microvilli which emerge from the oocyte surface. External to this, a more loosely organized material becomes the precursor of the JC. At this time both layers are periodic acid-Schiff (PAS)-positive. In a later stage, the material between the microvilli acquires a more compact organization, looses its PAS-positivity while acquiring fucose binding protein (FBP) affinity. On the contrary, the JC remains PAS-positive and FBP-negative. In the full grown oocytes the VC is made up of densely packed fibrils oriented tangentially to the oocyte surface and is tightly bound to the microvilli. The observations are discussed in connection with the problem of the role of the egg envelopes in sperm-egg recognition and in the induction of the acrosome reaction.


Dev Biol


Developmental biology


Santella L,Monroy A,Rosati F




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  • Spermatogonia-dependent expression of testicular genes in mice.

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  • Method for disarranging the pigment pattern of zebrafish by optogenetics.

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  • Both myoblast lineage and innervation determine fiber type and are required for expression of the slow myosin heavy chain 2 gene.

    abstract::Skeletal muscle fibers express members of the myosin heavy chain (MyHC) gene family in a fiber-type-specific manner. In avian skeletal muscle it is the expression of the slow MyHC isoforms that most clearly distinguishes slow- from fast-contracting fiber types. Two hypotheses have been proposed to explain fiber-type-s...

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  • Migration and differentiation potential of stem cells in the cnidarian Hydractinia analysed in eGFP-transgenic animals and chimeras.

    abstract::To analyse cell migration and the differentiation potential of migratory stem cells in Hydractinia, we generated animals with an eGFP reporter gene stably expressed and transmitted via the germline. The transgene was placed under the control of two different actin promoters and the promoter of elongation factor-1α. On...

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  • Development of a muscle actin specified by maternal and zygotic mRNA in ascidian embryos.

    abstract::In this investigation, we characterize the embryonic and adult actins and describe the embryonic expression of a muscle actin in the ascidian Styela. Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis showed that embryos, tadpole larvae, and adult organs contain three major and two minor isoforms of actin. Two of the ...

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