Peritoneal reflections of left perihepatic region: radiologic-anatomic study.


:To clarify the anatomy of the peritoneal reflections of the left perihepatic region, the authors examined 95 cadavers. Thirty-eight were studied radiographically, 37 with sagittal dissection, and 20 with transverse dissection. In over 80% of the cadavers, the left triangular ligament of the liver separated the left suprahepatic space into anterior and posterior sections. The lesser omentum extended to the diaphragm, where its anterior layer reflected and continued as the posterior layer of the left triangular ligament. Thus, the posterior left suprahepatic space and the lesser sac were clearly separated by the lesser omentum and the stomach and over-lapped each other in three dimensions. The posterior left suprahepatic space was located anterosuperior to the lesser sac and in turn was continuous with the gastrohepatic space inferiorly. Carefully researched diagrams of both the midline sagittal and left parasagittal perihepatic spaces were developed. This information has clinical value when the radiologist is called on to drain a left perihepatic abscess.






Min PQ,Yang ZG,Lei QF,Gao XH,Long WS,Jiang SM,Zhou DM




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1992-02-01 00:00:00












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    abstract:PURPOSE:To present an unenhanced four-dimensional time-resolved dynamic magnetic resonance (MR) angiography technique with true fast imaging with steady-state precession-based spin tagging with alternating radiofrequency (STAR), also called TrueSTAR. MATERIALS AND METHODS:This study received Institutional Review Board...


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  • Upper extremity lymphangiography in the radiation therapy of lymphomas and carcinoma of the breast.

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